North America leads the way Considering the regional repartition of the market, Transparency Market Research notes that North America was the largest consumer of natural and organic personal care products in 2011 and accounted for over 34% of the global consumption. The North American market is witnessing growth partly due to increased awareness about the organic principle and mainly due to entry of new multinationals, which are making organic products more easily accessible and visible for the consumer. Europe followed North America in terms of demand and accounted for over 29% of the global natural and organic personal care product demand in 2011. Germany and France were the primary consumers of organic personal care products in Europe together accounting for over 30% of the European demand. Japan, which is expected to register the fastest growth among all regions, accounted for over 42% of the total demand for natural and organic personal care products in Asia-Pacific. The belief in natural and organic remedies is already well ingrained in the Japanese culture therefore it became easier for the manufacturers to make the organic culture acceptable to the consumer, comments the market research firm. Skin and hair care dominate Skin care products are the largest segment and accounted for over 32% in terms of revenue across all the product segments in 2011. Transparency Market Research considers they will continue to dominate the organic personal care product market. The major factors contributing to the growth of this segment are launch of new products and widening distribution blog channels. Hair care was the next largest product segment accounting for roughly 25% of the total revenue in 2011. Fragmented market The natural and organic personal care products market is fragmented, with the top 10 companies accounting for little over 53% of the market share in 2011.