Avoid petroleum in beauty products

The company this summer also has announced it will develop and sell two new lines of designer fragrances for Stella McCartney and Alexander McQueen. Turning around beauty is a high priority for them. Jeffrey Thomison, analyst with Hilliard Lyons Deb Henretta was put in charge of P&G’s beauty business in mid-2012 as the company moved leadership of skin care, personal care and cosmetics to Singapore. She replaced Gina Drosos, who ran the unit for five years. Previously the group president in charge of Asia, Henretta is a favorite to succeed Lafley. “If Deb Henretta can fix beauty, she has a clear shot at CEO,” said Ali Dibadj, an analyst with Sanford Bernstein. Mixed results to show for product innovations Lash, of Morningstar, said that while P&G has continued to innovate in beauty, it has only achieved mixed results. A couple of years ago, P&G rolled out a raft of new Pantene hair products but failed to market them adequately. Consumers didn’t understand why P&G was asking them to pay a premium for these new products. “You can have great products fail because nobody knows about them,” Lash said. Lafley has indicated P&G will continue to roll out new products in beauty and all business segments, telling employees innovation was the company’s “lifeblood” when he returned to the helm in May. Lafley’s beauty track record at P&G includes more than just acquisitions.
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Waves roll in on the shore of Lake Superior

However, he said, a Johnson & Johnson spokeswoman claimed the company had already begun phasing out the use of polyethylene microbeads and is developing alternatives. “We won without having to go through a legislative battle, which no one wants to do,” Mr Eriksen said. Mr Eriksen said a Proctor & Gamble spokesperson told 5 Gyres that the company would phase out the use of microbeads by 2017. Meanwhile, however, he said the plastic particles had been added to a long list of threats to the Great Lakes fish population, as they could easily confused with natural food. Furthermore, they may also pose a health risk to humans, the group said. “We don’t know if the problem stops with the fish or if we eat the fish, the problems are with us now,” said Lorena Rios-Mendoza, a chemist with the University of Wisconsin-Superior who was on the 5 Gyres boat expedition. There was also an issue of removing the microplastic debris already in the lakes. “Plastic doesn’t biodegrade so once it’s in the water, it doesn’t just disappear,” Ms Rios-Mendoza said. Mr Eriksen said particles could also absorb chemicals from the water, which acted as weight, sinking the particles to the lake beds. The lifespan of microplastics is unknown so it can take years for it to completely leave the ocean or lake, if it ever does. The scientists said they would expand their research to lakes Michigan and Ontario this year.
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ACCC recalls beauty products and warns to stop using immediatly

Study results appear in two recently published HKTDC market-research reports, “Brisk Demand for Beauty Services in China,” and “Booming Demand for Catering Services in China.” Beauty Business Looks Good The Chinese Ministry of Commerce expects that, during the 12th Five-Year Plan, revenue from the country’s beauty- and hair-care sector will grow at an annual rate of 15 per cent. By 2015, it is estimated that revenue from the sector will exceed Rmb770 billion. In the focus group discussions, female respondents noted that, on average, they visit beauty parlours for facial treatments every seven to 10 days. In addition, they have a body massage or slimming treatment once or twice a month. The discussions also revealed that more teenage girls are patronising beauty parlours. Targeting Mainland Men Mainland men are also beginning to appreciate the importance of personal image in business. There is, however, a lack of beauty parlours providing services for men or beauty treatments dealing with men’s skin care, as well as a dearth of skin-care products for men, according to HKTDC Economist Alice Tsang. “Respondents hope that more male beauty products will be introduced and more beauty parlours catering to male members established,” said Ms Tsang. Focus-group participants noted that Hong Kong beauty service providers are superior to their mainland counterparts in terms of management and trustworthiness, as well as quality assurance of the products they use. Ms Tsang believes that Hong Kong’s beauty service industry can take advantage of the opportunities.
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TV beauty buys: Testing infomercial products

Bacteria, mould and yeast are some of the micro-organisms that the cosmetic products may be contaminated with. “Microbial contamination can cause diseases and serious infections,” said ACCC deputy chair Delia Rickard. “The biggest concern with these particular cosmetic products is that they are intended for use around sensitive areas, such as the eyes and lips. “Skin with acne, cuts or abrasions, or a weak immune system, can also make the wearer more vulnerable to infections and diseases from the germs.” GALLERY: Health dangers in your make up bag They were detected after ACCCs product safety survey, which saw 115 online and retail products sent away for testing against internationally set recommendation lists. The suppliers have since agreed to recall the three products that showed high levels of contamination. Cosmetic makers must be vigilant about hygiene in the manufacturing process, the ACCC urged, as well as being knowledgeable about the effectiveness of preservatives. RELATED: Why am I losing my hair? “Consumers should be able to rely on the safety of products that they apply directly to their skin, which is often on a daily basis over long periods of time,” Ms Rickard said. “If you have one of these recalled cosmetic products, stop using it immediately and return it to the point of sale for a full refund.” If you experience an allergic reaction or irritation from a product, stop using it immediately and seek medical advice.
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Boom in Beauty, Catering Services on Chinese Mainland; Hong Kong Companies Enjoy Product, Service Advantages

Many people, however, might not like the idea that the same product used to make a plastic bag or run a car is also used in products like shampoo, soap, hairspray, and numerous cosmetics, from lip balm to mascara. Petroleum in beauty products goes by many names (mineral oil, paraffin wax, and petrolatum, just to name a few), and its pervasiveness is more widespread than one might think. There are many reasons to avoid petroleum in beauty products. Here are a few. For beauty: According to Newsweek, American women spend over $400,000 in their lifetime on beauty maintenance. This figure leaves little doubt that women (particularly those in America) are obsessed with looking beautiful. So why should these women avoid petroleum-based products? According to Kit Anderson, mineral oil (a petroleum product found in many beauty products) smothers the skin (the body’s largest organ), making it impossible for it to breathe. In fact, because of the way mineral oil works, Anderson claims that mineral oil is a poor choice for beauty products for these reasons: It disrupts the way the body naturally detoxifies It slows the rate at which cells are renewed, thereby damaging collagen, connective tissue, and elastin – all of which contribute to the way skin looks and feels It results in skin that ages prematurely She also mentions that many beauty products are made with the purpose of moisturizing the skin, but petroleum products made as moisturizers ironically work against the skin by dehydrating it.
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Sally Beauty Holdings, Inc. Announces Fiscal 2013 Third Quarter Results

Segment earnings of $52.7 million, up 13.0% from $46.7 million in the fiscal 2012 third quarter. Segment operating margins increased by 90 basis points to 14.9% of sales from 14.0% in the fiscal 2012 third quarter. Net store count was 1,223, an increase of 47 stores over the fiscal 2012 third quarter. Total BSG distributor sales consultants at the end of the fiscal 2013 third quarter were 995 versus 1,110 at the end of the fiscal 2012 third quarter. Sales growth in the fiscal 2013 third quarter was driven by same store sales growth and net new stores. Segment operating earnings and margin growth was primarily due to improvement in gross margin and SG&A leverage. On May 31, 2013, Beauty Systems Group purchased certain assets of Essential Salon Products, Inc. for $15.7 million. This transaction included the acquisition of twelve Essential Salon stores and store team members, the addition of several direct sales consultants and exclusive distribution rights to prominent professional hair care brands. Essential Salon stores are located in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine and New Hampshire.
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How to Build Your Perfect Travel Beauty Bag

>>> back now at 8:52, those infomercials can draw you in. when you’re watching one, you think, gosh, i really want to have that. when you get the product home, does it stack up the way you thought it would? the editors at “woman’s day” magazine reveal the most popular beauty products sold on television to help you decide if they are worth your time and money. taryn is a senior editor at “woman’s day.” good morning to you. before we get to the products, tell me about the process. how did you test these? >> we put together a panel of seven editors in their 40s and 50s, all different ethnicities, and we sent them home with products to tryout in their routine one to six weeks. >> they rated them 1 to 3. 3 is the best. >> 1, didn’t meet expectations.
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