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Change is in the air. The leaves are now decorated in vibrant colors and the breeze of the crisp air flows through your hair. While all of this sounds lovely, reality sinks in for beauty lovers. This is the season of dry hair! The colder weather tends to make your moisturized summer locks dry and lifeless. Moroccan Oil Glimmer Shine finishing spray gives a lasting sheen that seals moisture in your hair. Moroccan oil is infused with Argan oil, a beauty product used by the women of Morocco for their hair and skin. This unique oil is derived from the Argan tree kernels in Morocco. The Moroccan Oil brand has created the Glimmer Shine Finishing Spray to eliminate frizzy hair and split ends. Moroccanoil.com describes this product as a finishing spray that attracts and reflects light to give hair a gorgeous gloss. Moroccan Oil Glimmer Shine also protects the hair from damaging elements such as chlorine and salt water.
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Spanish Producers Call Moroccan Olive Oil Trade Deal a ‘Disaster’

Spanish Producers Call Moroccan Olive Oil Trade Deal a Disaster | Olive Oil Times

Moroccos real export market for olive oil is the US, where last year it exported around 30,000 tons. However, in the long run, Europeans may suffer, relatively, if Morocco continues to expand its olive plantation surface like it did in the last five years, Aqallal said. As for bottled olive oil, the agreement would have very little impact because Morocco exports less than 5 percent of its olive oil in this format, Aqallal said. Also, Moroccos main exports of bottled olive oil are intended for the ethnic Arab market. So with or without this free trade agreement, the ethnic market is the traditional buyer of Moroccan olive oil. Moroccan production soaring According to International Olive Council (IOC) forecasts, Morocco was set to double its olive oil production to 150,000 tons in 2010-11 while world-leader Spain was expected to weigh in with 1.37 million tons. Morocco plans to achieve olive oil production of 340,000 tons by 2020. It is among the worlds biggest exporters of table olives and ranks about sixth or seventh for olive oil, with Italy one of its main buyers. In recent years some Spanish supermarket chains have faced criticism for sourcing some of their store brand olive oil often used as a loss leader from Morocco. United States Last year the San Francisco Chronicle reported the concerns of Californian olive growers over US agricultural aid to Morocco.
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It was created specially for the women of that country because their hair, scalp and skin are extremely dry due to the climate. The main ingredient in Moroccan oil (Vitamin F), is what nourishes the scalp and diminishes the itch and dryness. After just one use of Moroccan oil you will see that your hair has its luster and life back! It can be used with all types of hair and what is great is that it will not weigh the hair down. No greasy build up, no stiff hair. You can also use Moroccan oil with heat which will leave hair silky and shiny. The Moroccan oil can be purchased by itself or the entire hair care collection can be purchased. This includes: shampoo, conditioner, Moroccan oil and the Moroccan oil treatment. Because the ingredients are so rich, a minimal amount of each is only needed. Now for the question everyone wants to know, where can you get it?
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Argan Oil Pure Sources The Best Arabian Argan Oil For Australian Customers


Martell Webster, though, has a luxurious beard thing, and he apparently takes very seriously the responsibility to maintain his ever-expanding chin coverage device. You know, it has a mind of its own, the Wizards swingman told ESPN 980 . Its out of control. All I do is wake up, and I condition it, and I comb it. I pamper it. I pamper it. I let it do its own thing. The key is Moroccan Oil. If I dont put that in, its gonna be a rough night.
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Martell Webster says he uses Moroccan Oil on his beard


Moroccan Oil I’m obsessed with… Moroccan Oil TODAY Style TODAY Dec. 13, 2011 at 10:57 AM ET Amazon.com / Katie Quinn’s hair secret? The addictive Moroccan Oil. By Katie Quinn Hair makes all the difference to us ladies. A bad hair day can make you feel dowdy, whereas a good hair day forecasts a fabulous day of kicking butt and feeling good. The best way I have found to consistently have a good hair day is to use Moroccan Oil, an oil treatment that strengthens hair and gives it a glossy magazine cover kind of shine without being greasy. With a dime size of this stuff in my palm then run through damp hair, I feel like I can achieve that post-hair salon pamperwithout the expensive trip to the hairdresser. One of the best things about Moroccan Oil is that it is both instantly gratifying and delivers long-term hair strengthening results. Within a couple days of using it, you can see a distinct difference in the gloss and shine of your hair (thats how I got hooked), but then after time, you can feel that your hair isnt as dry or brittle as it was (which is why Ill continue buying it). I also really enjoy the scent, which doesnt assault the senses but is so pleasant I actually wish I could get it as a perfume. The best way I can describe how it smells is that it is natural in an Aveda way, but its not quite as strong. You can still wear your favorite perfume and have confidence the two wont clash.
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The Magic of Moroccan Oil (Photos)

It contains very high levels of Vitamin E and fatty acids, ideal for helping to treat many skin ailments and blemishes. Like Us on Facebook Argan oil has multiple beauty uses. It can be applied to the face, body, hair and cuticles, and is often added to other products. It helps to treat split ends, treat acne, dry and irritated skin, and prevent scarring from unwanted blemishes. Argan Oil is also touted as an effective anti-aging product, helping to minimize fine lines and wrinkles. With so many benefits, it’s no wonder this oil is highly prized and also said to be highly expensive. Now Moroccan Oil, if you haven’t already guessed, yes, this is Argan Oil too. The difference here is Moroccan Oil often has additional ingredients already added to it. These additives can include silicones most often, Aloe Vera, and various other components. Made with Argan oil, Moroccan oil is a lesser pure form of Argan Oil, so if you’re looking for the liquid gold and nothing else, be sure to read the beauty label ingredients. That being said, however, Moroccan Oil still has many of the same great benefits as Argan Oil. It can help improve the appearance of dry, damaged hair, rough skin, and delivers brilliant shine to any mane. So are there any real downsides to using either? Due to the limited supply of Argan Oil, the cost for this natural beauty agent is very high, making price a definite factor in many people’s choice to try it. In addition, the fatty acids found in these oils, while beneficial, can also sometimes cause skin breakouts and acne. This is due to the presence of oleic acid, which can clog pores and cause inflammation.
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Argan Oil Vs. Moroccan Oil: Which Comes Out On Top?

San Francisco, CA, United States of America August 3, 2013 /MarketersMedia/ The beauty industry has no shortage of creams, pills, lotions and potions promising all manner of effects. If a person wishes to have shiny, soft hair, they might have to use shampoo, conditioner, curling iron treatment and nourishing scalp balm to achieve the perfect balance. The story is the same with clear skin and strong nails, so that individuals have to buy so many items it quickly becomes hard to afford. Australian company Argan Oil Pure sources and imports pure Argan oil in Australia to provide people with an all natural, all in one solution to these beauty needs. Argan oil is naturally produced by the Argan plant and has Argan Oil Anti-Aging been harvested and utilized by Moroccans for centuries, and is thought to be responsible for the even, glowing olive skin found through much of the Mediterranean. Argan oil has been known to be called liquid gold by its users for its myriad of positive effects for skin, hair and nails. Argan Oil Pure selects only the best sources of pure, all-natural Argan oil which is extracted in its essence and transported directly to Australia, so those wishing for a perfect beach body can begin smoothing and soothing their skin to see dramatic improvements in weeks. A spokesperson for Argan Oil Pure explained, Argan Oil has been shown to have many beneficial effects for both women and men concerned about the quality of their skin, hair and nails. It helps to prevent the appearance of stretch marks, can improve acne, Psoriasis and Eczema, and even reduces irritation and inflammation of the skin caused by abrasions, burns or bruises. With inherent anti-aging effects that include tightening the skin and increasing its elasticity, it is a perfect all-round product to improve the wellbeing of skin, as well as giving hair shine and strength and making nails healthy and robust. A single treatment has not yet been found to match Argan Oils overall effects. About Argan Oil Pure: Argan Oil is a naturally occurring oil extracted from the Moroccan Argan plant.
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