“To add volume to thin hair one can choose natural human hair extensions, but we advise using it with clip-on attachments,” Apoorva Shah, founder of trichology centre Richfeel Health and Beauty Pvt. Ltd, said. “These are temporary, unlike the permanent type of attachment, which cause a lot of pull on the hair it is attached to. Sometimes it causes ‘traction alopecia’ (patchy loss of hair due to constant pull),” Shah added. Wax, glue, adhesive or silicon rings are used to attach the extensions to hair. “You need professional help to attach them and at times it can be painful to remove them. The chemicals also cause a lot of shaft (body of hair) damage leading to breakages and textural deterioration,” he said. If you are using human hair, you need to take care of it by keeping it well-conditioned. “Human hair needs good conditioning on a regular basis to avoid breakages,” Shah explained.
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Take care of your mane problems

Being able to put the hair up or pull it away from the face is a common concern heard from clients when they cut the hair from long to short. Miley Cyrus has been known to break the mold as of late and her pigtails on top of her buzz haircut answers the above query. Miley Cyrus was photographed on a rainy day in Brooklyn on the way into a recording session; dressed from head to fingernails in all white, except for her black combat boots. The pop star is in New York for Sundays Video Music Awards, and although she looked rocker-chic with her pigtails on Thursday, she recently confessed to Fashion Police co-host Kelly Osbourne that she misses her long locks. When Miley Cyrus first revealed her pixie cut she declared she would never have long hair again. Now the 20-year-old songstress is singing a new tune and cant wait for her hair to grow back. Kelly: Now that youve cut your hair, do you realize how much you hated hair extensions? Miley: I love a good weave, I cant help it, but I am secretly tugging on it every night and taking Viviscal (hair growth vitamins). Chris McMillan , the celebrity hairstylist who created Mileys pixie, has a hair care plan in place to grow out Cyruss tresses. He told E!
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Hair Extensions Care 101

Its important that you take care of them in order to take full advantage of them, and to have them for as long as possible! Golden Lush Hair Extensions offers a wide selection of extensions Argan Oil for you to choose from, and offers sound advice on how to properly care for your extensions. Its important that you use only the shampoo and conditioner thats recommended for your extensions. Also, make sure to use cool water as hot water is not recommended. Before bed, its a good idea to put your hair in a ponytail to avoid tangling. Brush your hair regularly, and gently. Treat your extensions with a hydrator or moisturizer/conditioner when they start to feel dry. Use little heat on your extensions. Follow these tips to get the best out of your investment.
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A Nu Twist Multicultural Hair Care Center

Thus, the idea of her second book, a comprehensive outlook on various aspects of hair care-‘Let’s Talk Hair’ emerged. Parachute Advansed Knowledge Centre, the scientific arm of Parachute Advansed known for its expertise and commitment to the science of hair has extended support towards the research of Let’s Talk Hair. Talking about the book, Dr. Santhanam said: “I am extremely excited about Let’s Talk Hair. The idea of the book is to make it an easy go-to-book for healthy and beautiful hair with answers and solutions to the multiple things that plague us about our hair. Both as a doctor and as a woman, I have learnt what beautiful,great hair can do for our self confidence and image and hence, this book, holds a special place in my heart. I would also like to thank Parachute Advansed Knowledge Centre for extending their invaluable support towards the research of my book.” Let’s Talk Hair provides everything you need to know to care for your crowning glory from important lifestyle advice to simple hair care tips. From a basic understanding of hair, its growth and behavior pattern through the various stages of its life, this book throws light on specific hair problems and how to tackle these effectively. Let’s Talk Hair captures every aspect of hair care from oiling, cleansing and conditioning treatments to cutting, colouring and styling. It also offers advice on various haircare products, tells you how to eat right for those perfect tresses and also busts some commonly held beliefs and myths about coconut hair oil.
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Miley Cyrus rocks the pigtails as she grows her hair

There are three chairs in the main part of the business, which also has a spacious waiting room with comfortable chairs and a couch and a room for blow drying hair. Black and the two stylists at the business, Jasmine Jones and Tonya Sawyer-Jones, provide an array of services, such as children’s hair, braiding, coloring, chemical/conditioning treatments, cutting, extensions, hair removal, locs, transitioning and twisting. They also offer up-dos for special occasions, such as proms, socials and weddings. The business is also taking advantage of the digital age by offering free wi-fi and online appointment bookings at http://www.vagaro.com, where after entering “A Nu Twist,” clients can also see reviews of the business and a complete listing of the services offered. Black, who has been specializing in natural hair for 15 years, said she has customers who come from as far away as Orlando, Tampa and South Carolina. “We have clients from near and far and we are getting an influx of clients from Chiefland and Lake City because there aren’t any natural hair-care salons in those areas,” Black said. Black, a native of Charlotte, N.C., received her cosmetology training at the College of Central Florida in Ocala in the late 1990s. She is not only passionate about what she does, she is also passionate about educating other licensed stylists and aspiring stylists. Soon, she will begin a “Stylist’s Boot Camp” to educate licensed stylists about natural hair care. “I really pride myself on educating stylists on the importance of continuing to educate themselves because this industry changes daily and the styles change, so we have to stay up on what is new in the industry,” Black said. Jones and Sawyer-Jones said the passion for educating others about the industry is one of the things they like most about working at A Nu Twist.
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