Night Cream Face Moisturizer Custom Natural by AltaSkincare

So I wasinterestedto see if this bottle of naturalingredientscould really do what all those chemicalconcoctions I have tried over the years couldnt. Antiac is a product suitable for use on anyone over 12 months old the spray format means it is great to use on those harder to reach areas. It has been voted best Ache product by panel of testers on Channel 4s Embarrassing Bodies.It is completely paraben and chemical free. The 3 main factors in making Antiac effective are: 1. KillsBacteria:Tea-tree, Sandalwood, Manuka and Nerolina oil help to deal with bacterial infection. 2. Reduce Inflammation: Sea Buckthorn and Aloe help reduce theinflammationand promote skin healing. 3. Deep Cleansing: The deep cleansing action of the spray helps theingredientsof the product penetrate deeply into the skin, without the need for scrubbing while helping clear blockages and oily build-ups. I do realise there is something odd about the above picture, the bottle is bigger than the box, for this Iapologise,the original sample I was sent was the 50ml this didnt last me the month (I obviously have a big head) so I purchased myself a 100ml and somehow Ive ended up with the box of one and the bottle of the other.

Night Cream Face Moisturizer Custom Natural by AltaSkincare

I will either issue the improved replacement or a refund. Your purchase is guaranteed to work for YOU! Disclaimer: Due to frequent suppliers’ inventory changes, the container may look different from what’s pictured. P.S. I’ve decided to create this FAQ section to address the questions I received. Q.: Why are you not providing a list of ingredients? A.: Since every cream I made is custom, and therefore, is different, I am not able to provide a single ingredients list, sorry. A cream for an older person with dehydrated skin will have different ingredients than a cream for a younger person with acne, for example. If you’d like to know the ingredients that would go into a cream for you, please don’t hesitate to contact me with your detailed information, and I will be happy to let you know what would go into the product. Q.: Why are your products more expensive than other natural skin care products on Etsy?

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What Ive learned in my cosmetology experience is that there is no one fits all solution. Everyones skin varies and your skin needs special attention, especially at night. With that in mind, YOU NOW have a chance to experience the NEW WAY of completely botanical, uniquely created custom creams, blended to order. Previously it was only available for my clients. NOW YOU can experience how the blending of different high-quality components work right for YOU and YOUR skin, with YOUR needs in mind. How this works: Once you complete the purchase, please send me some basic information about your skin and your skin goals and/or concerns. You may attach a picture, if you’d like. I will review the information you provide and will follow up with some additional questions, if needed. I custom-blend a 30-day supply (1/2 oz.) of the NIGHT face cream especially for YOU, using only the best, natural ingredients, completely botanical, many organic, from plant extracts and essential oils, that have proven to work over and over again. Please note that I dont make the creams from scratch. I use the very high quality bases made in France and Switzerland.

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How to apply lavender and peppermint oils to the skin. 2. How and why peppermint and lavender essential oil combo is a great solution to your sun burn. Click on the product image if you would like to try this out for your latest sunburn. Let me know what you think. Love them comments. Need more of me? 😉 Connect with me on other networks: Subscribe to our e-mail newsletter to receive updates. Related Posts: Mail (will not be published) (required) Website Spam Protection by WP-SpamFree Welcome! Thanks for stopping by.

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But there are lots of other uses for body oils, some of which you may be surprised at! Body oils are fantastic for softening cuticles, and when applied to the feet before bed time it can work wonders for dry skin! Wear thick socks for added oomph. Soften Cuticles and Rough Skin with Body Oils We love the gorgeous fragrances of our body oils, created by using essential oils (and were sure youll agree!) which makes them perfect as an aromatherapy body oils for every mood. Also with a fabulous choice of scents to choose from everyone can find a scent they love by choosing your very own with our custom body oil service! Here you can choose from loads of delicious scents that will surround you all day and can beused as an alternative to perfume or body sprays. Dont waste money on shaving cream use our body oils instead! They guarantee a close shave and reduce irritation too, not to mention using it removes the need for post shave moisturising. Our luxurious body oils dont just work wonders for the skin they can revitalise your hair too! Use a drop or two to help calm frizz or smother a generous amount over your hair before bed, put a towel over your pillow and enjoy their website luxurious hair after your morning shower. Try Our Other Gorgeous Skincare Products Here at Arabelle Skin Sense we are passionate about creating gorgeous natural skincare products and our body oils are just a selection!

2 Rehydrates body and Eliminates Toxins! Cucumbers are 95 percent water! This helps you keep your body hydrated while helping the body eliminate toxins. 3 Good Source of Vitamins! Cucumbers have most of the vitamins the body needs in a single day. As in most vegetables, it’s the skin that contains the biggest amount of vitamins. Cucumber skin is a great source for vitamin C! 4 Acts as a diuretic! Due to it’s high percentage of water, cucumber encourages urination causing you to eliminate toxins in the process. 5 Great ally for Weightloss! Due to its low calorie and high water content, cucumber is ideal if you’re looking to loose some weight. It makes you feel fuller, and you can eat all the cucumber you want and still be on the safe side! 6 No more digestive issues! The high water content and dietary fiber in cucumber are very effective in driving away the toxins from the digestive system and hence aid digestion. So you should include cucumber in your diet if you have a tendency to have constipation. 6 Cucumber should be part of your skin care routine! Its high water content, vitamins A, B & C and minerals like magnesium, potassium, and silica make cucumbers highly beneficial to your skin. Cucumber can also help you relief sunburns, due to its cooling effect. It also has great cleaning and cleansing property helps your skin tremendously making it softer and it is believed it also evens skin tone!