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This golden-colored oil is extracted from kernels produced by the tree. Coveted for centuries, Argan Oil is highly prized as both a rich gourmet ingredient for betterment of health, as well as an age-old beauty secret.Studies on the ingesting Argan oil reveal the nutty-flavored oil may have heart-health benefits similar to that of olive oil. As a beauty regime, however, Argan Oil has many benefits. It contains very high levels of Vitamin E and fatty acids, ideal for helping to treat many skin ailments and blemishes. Argan oil has multiple beauty uses. It can be applied to the face, body, hair and cuticles, and is often added to other products. It helps to treat split ends, treat acne, dry and irritated skin, and prevent scarring from unwanted blemishes. Argan Oil is also touted as an effective anti-aging product, helping to minimize fine lines and wrinkles. With so many benefits, it’s no wonder this oil is highly prized and also said to be highly expensive. Now Moroccan Oil, if you haven’t already guessed, yes, this is Argan Oil too. The difference here is Moroccan Oil often has additional ingredients already added to it. These additives can include silicones most often, Aloe Vera, and various other components. Made with Argan oil, Moroccan oil is a lesser pure form of Argan Oil, so if you’re looking for the liquid gold and nothing else, be sure to read the beauty label ingredients. That being said, however, Moroccan Oil still has many of the same great benefits as Argan Oil. It can help improve the appearance of dry, damaged hair, rough skin, and delivers brilliant shine to any mane. So are there any real downsides to using either?
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Moroccan Oil I’m obsessed with… Moroccan Oil TODAY Style TODAY Dec. 13, 2011 at 10:57 AM ET / Katie Quinn’s hair secret? The addictive Moroccan Oil. By Katie Quinn Hair makes all the difference to us ladies. A bad hair day can make you feel dowdy, whereas a good hair day forecasts a fabulous day of kicking butt and feeling good. The best way I have found to consistently have a good hair day is to use Moroccan Oil, an oil treatment that strengthens hair and gives it a glossy magazine cover kind of shine without being greasy. With a dime size of this stuff in my palm then run through damp hair, I feel like I can achieve that post-hair salon pamperwithout the expensive trip to the hairdresser. One of the best things about Moroccan Oil is that it is both instantly gratifying and delivers long-term hair strengthening results. Within a couple days of using it, you can see a distinct difference in the gloss and shine of your hair (thats how I got hooked), but then after time, you can feel that your hair isnt as dry or brittle as it was (which is why Ill continue buying it). I also really enjoy the scent, which doesnt assault the senses but is so pleasant I actually wish I could get it as a perfume.
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I’m obsessed with… Moroccan Oil

Beauty secrets: Kim Kardashian has opened her make-up bag and shared her beauty secrets with MailOnline The new mother explains that one of her beauty essentials is a 12.95 ($15) Moroccanoil. ‘This really helps to smooth my hair and makes it so soft,’ she said of the oil, which is also loved by Taylor Swift and Beyonce. When it comes to keeping her cellulite at bay, the 32-year-old swears by Dove Body Scrub. Speaking about her favourites, she said: ‘I had to “steal” the first lab sample of Kardashian Beauty Intimate Spotlightbecause once Id tried it I never wanted to be without it. ‘It adds a beautiful glow to cheekbones, bridge of nose and Cupids bow to light up the face. Im in love with this product!’ Luscious locks: Kim explains that she achieves her glossy locks by using Moroccan Oil, which is also loved by Beyonce and Taylor Swift She is also a big fan of the Kardashian Beauty Whip Lash Mascara, and the Au Naturel Lip Kit in Nude. To take it all off at the end of the day, Kim loves Neutrogena Make-up Remover Cleansing Wipes, which she snaps up from Boots for 3.99 ($6.99). The star, who showed just how much make-up she wears when she famously charted her makeover and shared images of the process with her 16million Twitter followers, said of the remover: ‘This is one of my most essential products, I need a makeup wipe at all times.’ Before and after: Kim once tweeted this before and after which showed how much make-up contouring it takes to achieve the finished look Entrepreneurs: Along with her sisters Khloe and Kourtney, Kim has designed a range of beauty products, Kardashian beauty BEAUTY Q&A WITH KIM’S MAKE-UP ARTIST ROB SCHEPPY Has Kims signature look changed over the years? Is she keen to push the boundaries, experiment with colour and try seasonal beauty trends? Yes, Kims look changes daily! She is so experimental and loves make up more than anyone I know.
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Cosmetics’ Hot Elixir: Argan Oil From Morocco

While all of this sounds lovely, reality sinks in for beauty lovers. This is the season of dry hair! The colder weather tends to make your moisturized summer locks dry and lifeless. Moroccan Oil Glimmer Shine finishing spray gives a lasting sheen that seals moisture in your hair. Moroccan oil is infused with Argan oil, a beauty product used by the women of Morocco for their hair and skin. This unique oil is derived from the Argan tree kernels in Morocco. The Moroccan Oil brand has created the Glimmer Shine Finishing Spray to eliminate frizzy hair and split ends. describes this product as a finishing spray that attracts and reflects light to give hair a gorgeous gloss. Moroccan Oil Glimmer Shine also protects the hair from damaging elements such as chlorine and salt water. The best results are discovered after styling your hair. There is no way that youll be disappointed by this product.
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Neutrogena face wipes, stretch mark lotion and Moroccan oil: An exclusive peek inside Kim Kardashian’s bargain-heavy make-up bag

Luscious locks: Kim explains that she achieves her glossy locks by using Moroccan Oil, which is also loved by Beyonce and Taylor Swift

There will be less oil available than demand, Oren says. We want to fill this gap. The arrival of LOreal and Unileveras well as smaller U.S.-based beauty outfits such as Organix, Shea Moisture, and Aura Caciareflects the growing appeal of natural oils. For years, many women were reluctant to put oils directly on their scalp or skin, fearing a greasy residue. Brands reflected those concerns: Procter & Gambles ( PG ) Oil of Olay changed its name to Olay in 2000. Consumers recent embrace of all things natural, from baby foods to cleaning products, has helped argan morph from an expensive salon treatment to a key ingredient in mass-market shampoos, conditioners, and soaps. British beauty boutique Neals Yard Remedies today sells a 4-gram argan lipstick in six colors, including Persimmon, Blackberry, and Lychee, for 15 ($23). And the Walgreens ( WAG ) drugstore chain in the U.S. carries 160 argan-infused products, up from zero three years ago, says Shannon Curtin, a merchandise manager there. LOreal says it gets argan oil from the German chemical giant BASF ( BAS:GR ), which buys from Berber cooperatives. The company says its able to find sufficient supplies, partly because the increasing value of argan has helped persuade people living among the trees to stop cutting them for firewood. Before this, the men made everything, says Belfarah Fatima, a 70-year-old mother of six, as she cracks argan nuts at a cooperative in Tagadirt NAabadou, a village of mud-brick houses outside Agadir.
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Rock your hair with Moroccan Oil

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High in vitamin E and essential fatty acids, it is believed to help all sorts of skin conditions: dry skin, acne, psoriasis, eczema and wrinkles. Moroccans were known to slather this oil on their skin, hair, nails and even their babies. By nature, it isn’t a product that the guys would necessarily be that familiar with using, but it has benefits that cant be ignored of. Why is Moroccan Oil Ideal for Men? Well, primarily because this oil is a one in all solution to all your grooming call. You dont need an array of face creams, body lotions, hair styling gels. While moisturizing skin and styling hair, this multipurpose oil also repairs and protects your cells against premature aging and damage from harmless free radicals in the environment and suns UV radiations. Simultaneously, it treats skin disorders such as acne, psoriasis, eczema, and dermatitis. All this is contained in one small bottle. Moreover, it is also suitable for all the skin and hair types.
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