O aplicador e normal: Como eu tenho alisamento nos cabelos, so posso usar produtos sem sal ( caso queiram, posso fazer um post so falando sobre alisamento quimico e cuidados com os fios): Eu estou usando os dois, faz quase um mes. Devo dizer que eles trabalham muito bem juntos. Meu cabelo ficou soltinho e com muito brilho, alem de muito macio! Amando! Como eu tinha ficado meio assim com o Natural Oil Serum oleo, nao estava colocando muita fe nos dois e eles me surpreenderam demais! Aprovadissimos! O shampoo e peroladinho, normal: O condicionador e mais consistente, mas nao como uma mascara: Conclusao: Eles sao muito, muito bons mesmo. O preco e bem amigo, acho que R$7 ou 8,00.. vale a pena testar! Agora tem a mascara tambem, estou curiosissima! Ja quero!!

Your weekly Microdermabrasion treatment, along with a gentle daily washing with the Terry Weave DermaSPA Cloth and our Enchanted Waters or African Black Soap , will keep your skin healthy and hydrated for that Radiant Glow you are looking for. Can I use other chemical treatments along with the DermaSPA Cloths? We recommend that you discontinue the use of any chemical or acne treatments while you are treating your skin problems with the DermaSPA Cloth. The combination may result in too much irritation to your skin. It would also prevent you from fairly evaluating the results of the treatments with the DermaSPA Cloth. If you do use chemicals you should limit it to at least 24 hours before or after an aggressive DermaSPA treatment. May I use my moisturizer following a microdermabrasion treatment? While keeping your skin moisturized is a crucial part of skin care, immediately following a treatment it is best to avoid any chemical laden moisturizers and especially any alcohol based astringents (our Pure Aloe Vera or SheAloe Butter are ideal, after microdermabrasion, moisturizers). The tight feeling in your skin is a sign the treatment was effective. One of the best ways to protect and nourish your skin between treatments is to use a good, chemical free, moisturizing soap.

So this is a must-take pack on your next trip or even to take with you to the gym. Brilliant. Lariese Euphoria Argan Oil Roll-on Deodorant I dont need to tell you about the harmful effects of aluminium so to come across an aluminium- and alcohol-free deodorant that actually works is very exciting. The blend of essential oils leaves the most divine scent and, when mixed with aloe vera and organic argan oil, this soothing blend is a real standout product. I have used many natural deodorants, but none that actually last or work. This, however, is a real gem and I felt fresh and clean all day long. Well worth a try. Alexami Hydrabotanique Exotic 8 Facial Oil This is a stunning new skincare range and on first use I predict it will be huge. Everything about it speaks to me on so many levels from its Australian origin, certified organic ingredients, recycled packaging and most importantly their stance against animal testing. I was always a little hesitant about using oils on my oily skin but over the years I understand how important they are, and especially for a more mature skin. This blend of eight exotic oils delivers the most aromatic and powerful serum that rehydrated and regenerated my skin beautifully.

I’m a family physician in Outback Australia, and have always had good skin until I moved here (I’m Scottish.) Now, patients are actually asking me what I use on my skin! I cannot recommend your spa cloths and handmade soaps highly enough. I have skin like a teenager again! My husband uses the soaps for his psoriasis and it has improved out of sight. Thank you again for wonderful service. From: Kristi – RE: (Rosacea – “Broken blood vessels”) I have the start of some Rosacea (Broken blood vessels) on my cheeks. I don’t know if I’m dreaming this or what but can you believe my face is less red after using this? I’m amazed! It’s like it washed the red right off! My face feels so clean and smooth! And my makeup just glided on!

Due to a 50% decline in argan trees over the last 100 years, UNESCO is running a conservation project in Moroccos arganeraie forest where they come from. [i] Argan oil is more resistant to oxidation than olive oil depending on the extraction method and contains two times more vitamin E than olive oil. Dried argan fruit, the seed and inner kernel. The benefits of argan oil on hair: [ii] Ithydrates hairandstops it from frizzing. It penetrates the hair shaft andenhances the elasticity and hence strength of hair; the higher the elasticity of hair, the lower the probability of breakage. Argan oil isvery rich unsaturated fatty acids(e.g. omega 3 and omega 9)andin vitamin E(two times more vitamin E than olive oil) and as such it nourishes roots and encourages growth. Vitamin E alsohelps to repair any damageincurred from heat treatment, excessive styling or handling and colour treatment. As it is naturally rich in antioxidants argan oilrepairs cell membranesthat are damaged. Argan oillocks in moistureandboosts the shininess of hair.