NewVo Beauty Suggests Using Argan Oil after Recapping 6 Ways to Help Detox Dry Hair

Mango oil contains high levels of antioxidants and beneficial vitamins A, C and E. Just one cup of mango contains 80 percent of your vitamin C for the day and 25 percent of vitamin A. Studies have shown that vitamins A and C have a direct influence on hair growth, making these vitamins a vital contributor to healthy hair. Mango oil also is excellent to add and retain hair’s moisture. Try a product like Klorane’s Mango Oil (, $14). Tahitian Monoi oil Monoi oil takes coconut oil to the next level. The Tahitians place a fragrant flower (the Tiare flower)into coconut oil for a process called enfleurage. The result is an oil you can use to strengthen your hair, moisturize your body, use as a bath oil or even as a perfume. To deep condition, fortify and add shine to your hair, try using it as a pre-shampoo treatment. Simply apply it to your dry hair, massage into your scalp and let sit for 10 minutes before shampooing hair. One to try is Moana Monoi Oil (Moana Beauty, $25).
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Kandala Finalizes Launch Of Their 100% Organic Argan Oil

They are as follows: Contains rare Plant sterols not found in other oils that aid inreducing inflammation and helping block cholesterol absorption from the intestines. They also show anti-cancer properties. Oleic acid in Argan oil makes it a practical solution for those who have high cholesterol levels by limitizing and maintaining it. dedicated to Argan oil- state that a very small quantity of Argan oil could considerably lower the cholesterol level for over a month.It is thus helpful for stimulating circulation and strengthening the bodys natural immunity. Argan oil facilitates digestion by increasing the concentration of a digestive enzyme called -Pepsin in the gastric juices. This helps aid digestion and acts as a natural anti-inflammatory. Antioxidant Vitamin E is present in a large quantity in Argan oil- which is very good for regulating functioning of the heart and sex organs. As a result, it is traditionally also reputed to be an aphrodisiac- increasing sexual desire and ability as well as having tonic properties. The oil is considered highly beneficial for arthritic or rheumatic conditions by slowing down the degenerative processes in long bones of the body.
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Hazelnut oil

Moroccan Oil: Which Comes Out On Top? Kim West Facebook It’s the battle of the oils. So many beauty brands now feature Argan Oil or Moroccan Oil as a key ingredient or important component in their formula. We wanted to know exactly what the difference is between these oils and what makes beauty lovers choose one over the other. Which of these popular oils for hair and skin should we use? Is either one better than the other? Native to Morocco, Argan Oil comes from the Argan Tree. This golden-colored oil is extracted from kernels produced by the tree. Coveted for centuries, Argan Oil is highly prized as both a rich gourmet ingredient for betterment of health, as well as an age-old beauty secret.Studies on the ingesting Argan oil reveal the nutty-flavored oil may have heart-health benefits similar to that of olive oil. As a beauty regime, however, Argan Oil has many benefits. It contains very high levels of Vitamin E and fatty acids, ideal for helping to treat many skin ailments and blemishes. Argan oil has multiple beauty uses. It can be applied to the face, body, hair and cuticles, and is often added to other products. It helps to treat split ends, treat acne, dry and irritated skin, and prevent scarring from unwanted blemishes. Argan Oil is also touted as an effective anti-aging product, helping to minimize fine lines and wrinkles. With so many benefits, it’s no wonder this oil is highly prized and also said to be highly expensive.
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Argan Oil Vs. Moroccan Oil: Which Comes Out On Top?

According to the ELLE article published on September 4th titled Dry Hair Detox: 6 Steps for Repairing Damaged Strands, signs such as frizzy hair or brittle ends could be signs that your hair needs some added attention. The article offers these 6 tips to help your hair come back from damage: Moisturizing shampoo- Make sure your shampoo is hydrating your hair. Look for ingredients like natural oils. In the article, stylist Oscar Blandi recommends washing hair less frequently. Frequent washes can make hair dry and strip it of natural oils. Conditioning- Make sure to use an ultra-moisturizing conditioner after shampooing. Get a trim- Cut off split ends to get a smooth look. Leave-in conditioner- Apply this to hair after it is shampooed and towel-dried. If hair is particularly dry, apply more of the product from the middle down to the tips. Prep Hair- Not protecting already dry hair before using flat irons or blow dryers can cause serious damage. Prep hair with a thermal protection spray before exposing it to heated styling tools, says Sara Greenstone, a representative for NewVo Beauty.
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Benefits of Argan Oil

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Often called “Moroccan Argan Oil” or “Liquid Gold”, argan oil is made by extracting the oil from seeds that grow on the Argan tree which is native only to Southern Morocco. For the past several months Kandala conducted extensive reviews of several sources in Morocco for the raw product of argan oil. According to Kandala owner Toni Simmons, “We provide only the highest quality products and need to be sure that the raw product we source from Morocco is 100% organic and meets our high quality standards.” Kandala has now finalized supplier certification and is getting ready to launch its new product of Organic Argan Oil in the U.S. “We chose carefully as our goal is to offer to our customers a product that is pure and contains no preservatives, no fragrances, no alcohol and no sulfates”, explains Toni Simmons, “Many other beauty products have these additives and they are simply not good for our health.” Studies have indeed shown that sulfates, fragrances and preservatives in cosmetics could be cause for hormonal disruptions, cancer and skin irritations. The argan oil from Morocco is certified organic and approved by the USDA National Organic Program (NOP). Neither the raw product itself nor at any time during manufacturing is Kandala Argan Oil tested on animals. Kandala Argan Oil is free of any chemical additives such as preservatives, fragrances or dyes. Kandala Argan Oil will be available for purchase on Amazon mid-August. About Kandala Kandala is an innovative company specializing in providing affordable, quality products for natural health and beauty care. Kandala Argan Oil is a pure product of premium quality.
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