Remove animal fats from your diet, and fill up on fresh vegetables. Eat colon-cleansing foods, and keep the flow moving. Alcohol, cigarettes and narcotics will age you faster than having children. How fresh and healthy you look actually depends more on your diet and lifestyle choices than on the colors you slather on your skin and hair. And who said gray hair wasnt beautiful (and cheaper)? Now Less is more. If you wear less makeup, not only are you reducing the 168 ingredients per day, youre ending the cosmetics vicious cycle. The more makeup you wear, the more you distress your skin. Foundation makeup is clowny (sorry), and if you are compelled to wear blush, get some natural pink in your cheeks with some walks in the fresh air.

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When complete, select Checkout to calculate your savings! Count your savings: Time, Gas, Dollars. Realize the savings by choosing a Trial or Club membership. Wait and see what you get in the Green PolkaDot Box! Are you ready? Get your shopping list, your timer and start now! Finding What You Want. The Green PolkaDot Box is organized just like a supermarket! You can shop by sections or aisles where products are grouped by use or type, i.e. Fresh Produce, Frozen Foods.

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You need JavaScript enabled to view it Articles from StreamOrganic NewsRoom : 29.08 – 31.08.2013 HONG KONG – CHINA: NATURAL PRODUCTS EXPO ASIA Trade event and conference for the nutrition, natural, organic and health products industries 31.08 – 01.09.2013 ZUG – SWITZERLAND: O SOLE BIO Fair for organic products 07.09 – 10.09.2013 BOLOGNA – ITALY: SANA Italy’s largest organic food show. 11.09.2013 14.09.2013 BELGRADE – SERBIA: BIO BALKAN EXPO 2013 International organic trade fair. Co-located with PACKTECH EXPO BALKAN 13.09.2013 15.09.2013 STRASBOURG – FRANCE: BIOBERNAI Trade fair for organic products in Alsace 18.09 – 20.09.2013 – Sao Paulo – Brazil: Sustainable Cosmetics Summit Although sustainability has come to the fore, few cosmetic and ingredient companies have taken significant steps to reduce their environmental impacts. The 5th Latin American edition of this executive summit looks at ways of reducing the environmental footprint by the use of green formulations and sustainable packaging. 21.09.2013 – NEW ZEALAND – ECO FASHION EXPOSED An Annual Eco Fashion Runway Exposing New Zealand Eco Fashion 21.09.2013 22.09.2013 THAON-LES-VOSGES – FRANCE: FOIRE ECO-BIOLOGIQUE Organic food & healthy construction trade fair 21.09 – 22.09.2013 SAIGNELEGIER – SWITZERLAND: MARCHE BIO The most important organic market in the West Switzerland 21.09 – 28.09.2013 – Canada Organic Week 2013 Organic Week is fast approaching! Coordinated by Canadian Organic Growers, Canada Organic Trade Association and Canadian Health Food Association, Organic Week will take place this September 21-28, wont you join us? Organic Week is the biggest celebration of Canadian organics, and represents a unique opportunity to reach organic consumers, media and policy akers in Canada. 24.09 – 25.09.2013 – Berlin – Germany: Natural Cosmetics Conference 2013 For the third time, the annual Natural Cosmetics Conference will take place at the Hotel Ellington in Berlin on 24 & 25. September 2013. Once again the Conference will offer an international platform for intensive networking and the discussion of current trade topics. The Conference will foremost focus on the topics of sustainability and value-oriented management.

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Although the cosmetics industry has become global, divisions are occurring in terms of regulations and standards. Most fragmentation isoccurring in Asia where major country markets have different interpretations of cosmetic products. For the first time, the summitwill give an update on the legislative framework for cosmetic products in Europe, the US and Asian countries. Details will be given of new EUregulations, which are increasingly perceived as a barrier to market entry by non-European brands. Other papers will look atthe mushrooming of green standards, such as natural, organic, fair trade, and green spa. The 3-day programme ends with two interactive workshops. A technical workshop will tackle the formulation issues associated with natural andorganic cosmetics. A marketing workshop will highlight the opportunities provided to cosmetic brands by social media and digital marketing.Conducted by David Liem, founder of Happy Marketer, the workshop will show how social media can be used to provide transparency andauthenticity to increasingly discerning consumers. About the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit The aim of the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit is to encourage sustainability in the beauty industry by bringing together key stake-holders anddebate major sustainability issues in a high-level forum. The 3rd Asia-Pacific edition will take place in Hong Kong on 11-13th November.

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We need to go beyond organic, and it will require the consumer to educate themselves on a deeper level, and do their own research as to what the ingredients are in the products they use, and how to source and even create their own homemade versions. Always remember that you are what you eat, and so, obtaining the highest quality food should be our #1 priority in living and attaining a healthy life. This is a timeless truth. There are so many ways to find Organic options for your body care products, in this episode, particularly, we feature a great service that I use to buy Organic Products online: The Green Polka Dot Box is where I get many of my Organic Body Care and Cosmetics products online. For being an Organic Lifestyler and as a token of appreciation for following us Moroccan Oil we have a special offer at the end of this article, make sure you read all the way to the end. The products featured in this episode for my monthly box are: – Dr. Bronners Magic Soap , Lavender Scent. This is pure castile soap and its made with organic oils. Amazing stuff that claims to have 18 different uses. I have to confess I havent tried it for everything they list it, but I use it as a Body Wash, as Hand Soap, and as a Mouthwash, you can also use it as a toothpaste but I would rather have another scent for that. – Dr. Bronners Magic Lotion Lavender Scent with Coconut Oil. This is my daily body cream.

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Take off your mask from time to time. Youll like what you see. Finally, consume commercial-free media. All advertising stalks your insecurities, particularly ads in fashion magazines. Everything we take in through our senses is food; its either nourishing or toxic. Being bombarded by computerized beauty images is a diet of lies. An aside to women: The exterior doesnt matter so why not change it? But cosmetics dance on a troublesome razor. Women will say it enhances their natural beauty or covers a flaw or two. But this is a social construction. Advertising and socialization whisper that in order to be beautiful a woman needs augmentation.

Introducing Aryu-Deva SunProtect SPF 30+ by Teva Skin Science, LLC. This acclaimed Ayurvedic (tridosha) recipe sunscreen is formulated with 100% organic and wild-crafted ingredients and nothing else! Soothing Aloe, shea butter, essential oils and herbal infusions drench your skin in moisture, while Non-Nano particulated Mineral barrier sun protection applies and absorbs quickly & easily.. leaving no telltale ghostly white sheen. Very concentrated, a little goes a long, long way. Heavenly smelling essential oils are also an excellent non-toxic natural insect repellent. EWG endorsed and child-safe! We guarantee you will love this sunscreen!

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The inaugural Sustainable Beauty Awards ( has opened for nominations, with winners to be announced at an evening reception in Paris on October 21st. The aim of the awards is to give recognition to cosmetic and ingredient firms who are pushing the boundaries of sustainability in the beauty industry. The awards have five categories that represent different sustainability aspects. The green formulations award is for cosmetic brands with a high level of green (natural / organic) ingredients in their formulations. The sustainable packaging award is for cosmetic packaging that has a low environmental footprint, whereas the sustainable ingredient award is for a material that makes a significant difference in terms of ecological and / or social impact. The sustainability pioneer award is for a company that is a leader in a certain area, whereas the sustainability leadership award is for an overall leader in sustainability. There is no charge for making nominations to the Sustainable Beauty Awards, however to be eligible cosmetic / ingredient / packaging firms / related firms must be making a difference in sustainability. The finalists for each category will be selected on 1st October, and the winner at a drinks reception at the Paris Marriott Champs-Elysees on 21st October. The awards reception will take place alongside the European edition of the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit ( Winners and finalists will benefit from media coverage and industry recognition of their sustainability achievements. The Sustainable Beauty Awards have been launched to reflect the growing importance of green issues in the cosmetics industry.

It may be cliche, but if you have to have a degree in chemistry to pronounce the ingredient, stay away, said Sayer Ji, director of and co-author of The Cancer Killers. Ji stressed that consumers need to be at least five times more aware of a skin care products toxicity than that of food. Once you apply a cream, powder, deodorant, soap, shampoo (keep going), they are not filtered by the bodys digestive system. They penetrate the skin and hit the fat stores and blood and lymphatic systems, he said. Check out Its Skin Deep database rates thousands of products for toxicity. While you look up your cosmetic collection, consider a few tidbits: Sunscreen is deceptive. Sunscreen doesnt prevent all skin damage, and a higher SPF can create a false sense of security that lengthens your time in the sun. Consider staying out of the sun between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.