Honestly, the volume was a little too much just because my hair already has a lot of volume, so that was not something that needed to be improved. But if your hair is thin or needs more volume, Wen Hair Care System would definitely help. Although some improvements were made to the hair, it didnt feel necessary to continue use of the products. It always felt like too much product in the hair while shampooing and that is hard to get used to. And because of the large amount of product used it takes awhile to rinse out and became a hassle to deal with on a daily basis. When ordered through the Wen Hair Care, the products will automatically be shipped every other month. The company will refund any product that was not used or was not loved. After receiving the second shipment, it was returned back to the company with a full refund that was processed after five weeks. It is necessary to contact the company to cancel services, although the lady was friendly, she was also pushy to try and maintain the sale, offering other products and even a discount on the products already received. If hair has been through a lot of abuse with bad maintenance, color and other chemical treatments, then there would be great benefits from using the Wen Hair Care System to help regain healthy, moisture, and strength to the hair. But for those with healthy hair already, few benefits will probably be noticed.
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Hair Care for Extension Braids

I made this decision months before it finally happened, though. I told myself I didnt want to waste what I already had, didnt want to spend wads of cash on expensive natural products, didnt want to experiment with my already unruly hair I had a lot of excuses, and plenty of excess chemicals that I just kept using. I finished my final bottle, though, and Im ready to go natural and never look back. Hereare some steps thatve helped me in my quest to find ways to care for my hair naturally and green my beauty routine. 1. Find new ways to shampoo and condition your hair I found many options online for shampoo and conditioner concoctions, and none of them required expensive, unnatural ingredients the recipes were cheap and easy across the board. The recipes Im currently using require only baking soda and water for shampoo, and apple cider vinegar for conditioner. With these ingredients, Im already starting to see smoother strands and less buildup on my scalp. Another option is to make soap and shampoo from everyday oils or with various plants and roots . Your hair may look and act differently at first as it gets used to your new routine, and you may have to experiment to find what works for you every head of hair is different, but once you find a way to kick chemicals to the curb, you hair and scalp will enjoy newfound health.
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Simple Hair Care Regime For Men

Oiling hair regularly is another means to keep it strong and maintain good volume. Massaging warm oil onto scalp helps in rejuvenating the hair roots and faster growth of hair. Massaging also helps in better blood circulation onthe scalp resulting in stronger hair growth. Hair is differentiated by their types namely, oily, dry and normal. You have to choose your shampoo, type of oil, conditioner and download hair care regime depending on what type of hair category you fall into. Dry hair type require shampoo and conditioner rich in moisturising elements such as jojoba, aloe vera etc. whereas a person with oily hair has to make sure to wash more regularly and nourish hair with products made for oily type of hair only. Following are popular hair care tips for men: Simple Hair Care Regime For Men 1/8 Regular Wash Regardless of type of hair, you have to have regular hair wash with shampoo chosen particularly for your type of hair. If it is hard to determine the shampoo you can always consult a dermatologist for expert recommendation. Simple Hair Care Regime For Men 2/8 Shampoo Upon choosing and finalising the shampoo, it is important not to change it or switch between shampoo brands too often or too late. Each shampoo needs some time to show results.
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Natural hair care’s next wave

As easy as they are to take care of, there are some things you can do to keep your hair looking good. You Might Also Like Overview Washing Wash your braids once every two weeks, using a mild, diluted shampoo. Use a shampoo without added conditioners, like baby shampoo, and mix one part water with one part shampoo. Thinning the shampoo makes it easier to rinse from your braids to prevent residue and build-up. If you have a scalp condition, you may need to wash your hair more often. Keep in mind that the more you wash your hair, the shorter the life of your braids. If you have a scalp condition, its better to take proper care of the condition and change your braids more frequently. Conditioning Condition your braids when you wash them and use a mild, diluted conditioner. Like the shampoo, dilute the conditioner with one part water and one part shampoo. Apply the conditioner to the portion of the braid that contains your natural hair. If your braids are human hair, condition to the ends.
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Hair Care Without Chemicals

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While we do have very unique experiences because of the history that we have here in this society, Walton says, at the end of the day, if a product that is designed to moisturize very dry hair exists, it will work for somebody that [has] loosely curled hair or tight curls because thats what the science is. For this reason, Walton says she has always highlighted products for all women with naturally curly hair, while claiming many white women and non-black women with curly hair as fans. Who would have thought the natural hair care movement could unite women in this manner? Can hair bridge the color divide? In 2011, natural beauty brand Carols Daughter caught major flack for taking this approach. Founded by African-American businesswoman Lisa Price as a black hair and skin care company, Carols Daughter was re-branded to expand its target to women of all skin colors and hair types under the leadership of Steve Stoute, an executive and investor at the company. Stoute, who authored the book The Tanning of America , chose to represent the new brand with model Selita Ebanks and singers Cassie and Solange Knowles a decision that left many darker-skinned Carols Daughter fans feeling excluded. What we were talking about specifically was the diversity of hair textures between Cassie, Solange, and Selita Ebanks, Stoute said at the time . It had nothing to do with their skin color, and it was unfortunate that people took the texture dialogue and turned it into a skin color situation because that was never the intent. For Walton, who is a licensed psychotherapist, these issues point more to the state of ones psyche. If you only feel attractive and appropriate with that weave on, or with your hair straightened, she says, and you dont feel attractive when your hair in its natural state then its time for you to sit down and reassess. Clearly, the natural hair care industry is still working through these issues.
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