Healthy Hair Care Dos And Don’ts

Now, Im looking into new ways to add vibrancy to my locks without the toxins. Henna plays a big role in natural hair dyes, and you can buy henna from many health food stores and co-ops. 3. Make sure your hair care isnt hurting the Earth Considering the chemicals I was putting into my hair was my first priority, but another important part of caring for your hair and the planet is making sure that youre using efficient appliances and tallying how many resources your routine eats up. Most hair cair products come in plastic bottles, so if you want to buy your hair care products from the store, keep an eye out for those that are creatively packaged, such as shampoo bars that come in cardboard. Also, dont be afraid to get creative! Consider curling your hair the old-fashioned way with paper or try saving money by cutting and styling your familys hair yourself ! Keep in mind that you cant make every change all at once nor should you have to. Like I said, it took me many months to Moroccan Argan Oil finally embrace my chemical-free routine.
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Courtney Stodden dyes hair from platinum to brown: Hair color tips

Marilyn Monroe

The Hair Care Examiner has a few hair color tips to go from blonde to brown. The fall/winter is the perfect time for a change and dying the hair platinum to brown, as Courtney Stodden has, makes for healthier hair, as it eliminates extreme lightening. However, the photo of the newly single Courtney in Us Weekly displays her brown hair, but it is crimped and frizzed, assumedly the hairstyle Stodden wanted, but not the healthy look one would expect after choosing a brunette shade. This isnt to say Courtney Stodden doesnt look great with darker hair; the new brunette hair color accents her baby blues. Courtney told Us Weekly “she feels born again” from the hair color change, which is part of the next phase of her life. Lately I’ve been a little bit of a daredevil, and I’m trying to enter into the next chapter of my life. I thought this was kind of a good example to prove to myself that I can do it. It was a huge risk, but I’m glad I did it. When going from such a light shade of platinum blonde to a deep brunette like Courtney Stodden did, it is imperative to NEVER attempt this drastic hair color change at home with a box. One must visit a licensed and experienced, professional hair colorist for optimal results.
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First Person: How I Save Money on Hair Care Products

JENNIFER LAWRENCE Jennifer Lawrence’s hair in 2013. Photo: Getty Images Considering her most popular role has its own signature braid, Jennifer Lawrence ‘s pixie cut was totally unexpected. More expected? How good she looks with a new length. J.Law had long hair throughout awards season , which she wore up , down, and to the side to collect her multiple awards for her role in Silver Linings Playbook. In April, she chopped her locks off into a lob (long bob, FYI), and in November, she went full platinum pixie . Her Hunger Games: Catching Fire red carpet style has been taking advantage of her hair’s bold new ~edge~, and we can’t wait to see how she styles her ‘do for each award show at the top of 2014. BEYONCE Photo: @ beyonce Instagram Beyonce also chopped off all her hair in 2013, though she only lived with the short style for a few days. The pixie opened the door for at least one other short ‘do: an A-line bob . Bey’s mane, though glorious, has been long, blonde, and capable of getting stuck in fans for QUITE a while, so the drastic change was shocking, to say the least.
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Winter Hair Care: The best natural oils to boost hair moisture in harsh winter months

Natures oils are perfect for dried out winter tresses

Man showing us how much we can save if we use my methods. Discount beauty stores offer beautiful savings! One of my favorite discount beauty products stores is Sally . Luckily, there is one near me, but shopping the website is equally easy on the wallet. Here I can purchase all my hair products and styling tools at a steep discount. Additionally, their selection of generic products is excellent. For example, I replaced my pricy name brand Tea Tree Oil shampoo with a generic for a $17 savings. Sally also offers a loyalty program, which increases my savings. Use products sparingly Unless you are an athlete or someone whose hair is exposed to dirt or sweat, daily washing really isn’t necessary.
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Hair care: Is herbal really better?

Hair fashion Hair style dos and dont for blonde highlights 300x300 Hair care: Is herbal really better?

Men who attach hairpieces in the same spot over a long period of time can also have permanent hair loss. Bad Hair Habit: Stripping Out Hair Dye Smart hair care includes what not to do. If you have a change of heart after you dye your hair a dark shade, stripping out the color will open the cuticle so much that it won’t lie as flat as before, says Steckbeck. The result is hair damage with dry, brittle, frizzy tresses. “Black is the hardest to remove,” she says. “It typically must be done with bleach. This leaves unwanted tones in the hair. Then, you must recolor to a desirable shade. This is very stressful on the hair.” Flickr photo by Foxtongue Bad Habit: Poor Eating Habits Add hair loss to the problems that poor nutrition can cause. If your body doesn’t get enough protein, vitamins and minerals, it cannot sustain hair growth.
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WebMD health-e head2toe: skin care today

Shampooing your hair strips it of all oil and dirt and so it is very important to use a conditioner every time your shampoo your hair. Avoid shampoos that contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or Sodium Myreth Sulfate as these are very strong detergents. You can also make your own shampoo using soap nuts as these nuts contain natural surfactants that cleanse your hair without damaging it. Hair conditioner is very important when it comes to winter hair care. A good conditioner should contain essential fatty acids as these are natural oils that are very similar to sebum. On most labels these fatty acids would be listed as EFAs. Fatty alcohols like cetyl or stearyl alcohol also help to prevent excessive drying. You can also make your own nourishing moisturizer by blending half a cup of water with half an avocado, 5 drops of wheat germ essential oil and 2 drops of Vitamin E oil. Apply this to your hair for about 5 minutes and then rinse it off.
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Too-Cool Cat Does What You Do, Only Better (Video)

And typical hairstyling techniques — blow drying, coloring, over using gels — can further damage your hair. So whats a normally gorgeously-coiffed woman to do? Sometimes the only way to repair the damage is to cut the hair off and wait for healthy hair to grow back. But if the damage hasnt progressed too far, there are hair care products that may restore glossy, full-bodied hair. Many of these products may work for at least a short time and provide subtle benefits. Shampoos With Surfactants and Silicones Shampoos are not what they used to be. In the past, the cleansing agent was soap, which could dry out your scalp and leave a scum that doesnt rinse away. Modern shampoos, though, use synthetic detergents known as surfactants as the cleansing agent. Surfactants lather well in all types of water, and the lather lifts dirt and excess oil from your hair and holds it until its rinsed away.
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The ‘Short Hair, Don’t Care’ Ladies Of 2013


But theres some fog surrounding the herbal concept. Most herbal supplements lack FDA approval; the same goes for many of the ingredients that are used in herbal hair care. There is also no real definition as to what constitutes a natural product, for even though a shampoo may contain lavender or oatmeal, it doesnt mean that its completely chemical free. Some proponents of herbal hair care, however, insist that the products are, indeed, better than traditional ones. Shampoos can contain synthetic detergents that some may find damaging to the hair shaft, or irritating to sensitive scalps. Others tout the benefits of individual herbs clary sage is thought to improve shine, lavender balances an oily scalp, lemon extract can strip residue from hair, the amino acids in rosemary maintain health, tea tree oil can control dandruff and ylang-ylang supposedly protects against split ends. Everyones hair is different. When choosing a hair care regime, keep in mind that what may be marketed as the best product for your hair type is not necessarily the best product for your hair. Herbal may be your answer, maybe its sticking with a more traditional product, or perhaps its a blend of the two. In the sense of hair care, you best bet is to find what works best for YOU.
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Hair Care Tips for After Swimming

If you have lighter colored or highlighted hair, the chlorine may turn the lighter portions of hair slightly green over time. Washing the chlorine out immediately following your swim can help clarify and cleanse your hair to preserve the color. Conditioning Use a rich, emollient conditioner after shampooing to counteract some of the drying after-effects of chlorine, advises Look for a conditioner specially formulated for dry hair, and while showering after your swim, start from the ends up and work the conditioner through your hair. Use a wide-toothed comb to distribute evenly and reduce snags, and leave it in your hair for at least two minutes before your rinse it out, to infuse your hair with extra moisture. You Might Also Like What Is the Alternative to… Deep Conditioning If you are an avid swimmer, a weekly deep-conditioning treatment can give your hair an extra boost of moisture, notes While the drugstore likely has a variety of weekly deep conditioning treatments, you can make your own at home for less. Just mix an entire peeled and mashed avocado with one egg and 1 tbsp. of olive oil. Combine and slather on your hair, wrapping it in a shower cap.
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