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Beauty Rx: Taking Care of Your Hair With Heat Styling


Normally long-haired country rocker Keith Urban joined in the snip party, debuting a riff on the uber-popular pixie cut via Twitter on November 26. Jennifer Lawrence surprised fans on November 6 when she revealed that her long hair had been chopped off to a pixie style. Jennifer Aniston, who set trends when “Friends” was on the air with her character Rachel, is now following them. The actress didn’t go quite as short as many others have, but she did trim her locks down to an “un-precious” bob. The pixie cut has become so popular even Pamela Anderson, whose fame for long locks dates all the way back to her “Baywatch” days, has adopted the look. In late October, Jennifer Hudson joined the short-hair bandwagon as well. We’re used to seeing Beyonce with long hair, so when the singer debuted a super-short pixie cut in August, the world paused to take notice. Halle Berry’s short hair has become so closely associated with her that she often likes to change it for movie roles. For “The Call,” she chose to wear a curly wig that many observers didn’t love, but it was part of the job. “It’s becoming harder and harder for actors to escape who they really are and have people suspend belief,” she said. “For me, the first thing that has to go is (my) hair.” Emma Watson spent 10 years playing Hermione Granger in the “Harry Potter” franchise, so when the series ended she also said good-bye to Hermione’s long hair.
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Mark Hill hair products

Enter the Mark Hill line of products, which does just that. One of the major influences in British hairdressing, Mark Hill, has won British Hairdresser of the Year and International Hairdresser of the Year and his work can be seen in such magazines as Elle, Cosmopolitan and Vogue. I was given the opportunity to try an array of his products from different hair type lines. From the “defrizz-ilicious” line, the Bedazzled Anti-Humidity Shine Spray will be something in my hair care line-up for a long time. Simply use it right after towel drying to seal a gloss and shine to your hair (p.s. it also helps block out humidity). From Mark’s “Gorgeous” line, I sampled Hot Glam, Fabulous Finish and Work It Girl. I absolutely LOVE the “Hot Glam” extreme heat protection spray. I constantly break my hair since I am a habitual flat iron user but this spray keeps it strong and glossy without the greasiness to most hair products. The “work it girl” shine, protect and control spray literally does it all.
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Best Hairstyles To Sleep In: Hair Care Tips

Short hair don’t care: Jennifer Aniston ditched her hair extensions and showed off her bob during a talk with Gloria Steinem in LA on Monday The Friends star showed off her chic bob during the chat with the feminist activist at the first ever Makers Conference, a gathering to discuss women’s issues in Palos Verdes, California. Jennifer chopped off her famous honey blonde locks in November, but apparently regretted it, and spent five hours in the salon getting extensions. According to RadarOnline, the actress hated her new look and thought it ‘made her look older.’ She can’t make up her mind! The 45-year-old sported hair extensions as she left Portia de Rossi’s birthday late last month Big move: Jen cut her hair in November, pictured shortly after at a spa in Hollywood She debuted the longer ‘do as she headed out of vegan restaurant Crossroads in Los Angeles last month, after attending Portia de Rossi celebrate her 41st birthday. Her decision to add extensions came as somewhat of a surprise after her apparent enthusiasm over her new shorter hair. ‘I dont know, man. I did it! I feel great,’ she told Vogue after cutting off her hair in November. ‘I feel lighter. Its simple, its really simple, thats for sure. But Im always one of those girls who does a big old chop just to get it really healthy, to repair all the [damage from] hair colouring and stuff like that.’ ‘And I just got bored, honestly,’ she added.
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TONI&GUY® Hair Meet Wardrobe™ Announces Partnership With Marchesa

TONI&GUY Hair Meet Wardrobe | Marchesa AW14 | Hair by Mark Hampton

It should be illegal to cover my hair with a helmet. Off to practice,’ are common. The man with the hair: John Daly, a member of the USA Skeleton team, is catching attention for his haircare routine Enormous effort: Mr Daly says that he uses somewhere between three and four hair products a day, depending if he has washed his hair or not Of his haircare routine, the second-time Olympian told the Associated Press: ‘There’s always going to be three hair products, no matter what.’ From fuzzy jerseys to giant tube socks worn as dresses: Jeremy Scott’s fashion week ode to athleticism falls short of his rebellious spirit He elaborated that: ‘Now if I wash it, there’s going to be a leave-in conditioner as well, so that’s four. We’re working with a pomade, a paste and a hardening gel.’ This intricate process led to more fodder for Mr Daly’s tweets. ‘I was awake before the sun was up so that sucked. Good news is my hair didn’t move all night. #bulletproof, he joked. New Ryan Lochte? Mr Daly’s Twitter antics and overall humor has led him to be named Sochi’s own version of Ryan Lochte The sledder’s focus on hair does not appear to be hindering his athletic performance.
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‘My hair is bulletproof’: Team USA skeleton star John Daly becomes a Twitter sensation with hilarious posts about his beauty routine

The man with the hair: John Daly, a member of the USA Skeleton team, is catching attention for his haircare routine

Drying Yes, it really is possible to burn your hair with a blow dryer! Try to use your dryer on low heat if possible. The nozzle on the dryer is a must, especially for round brushing, says Todd. The grate on the end of the dryer burns the hair if youre not careful. I always use a nozzle when drying my hair, I try to keep the dryer a bit further away from my hair if possible and I keep the dryer moving. You dont want to keep it on the same place for too long. Heat Styling The first step in protecting your hair with heat styling is using quality tools. Look for flat irons and curling irons that have plates with ceramic, tourmaline or titanium to help evenly distribute the heat. If you can find tools that let you select the temperature, they are worth the extra money! Be sure to get the hair completely dry before using any heat styling tools. Use only as much heat as you need.
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<img src='http://i2.cdn.turner.com/cnn/dam/assets/130408105553-halle-berry-mar-5-2013-horizontal-gallery.jpg&#039; width='200px' alt='Halle Berry's short hair has become so closely associated with her that she often likes to change it for movie roles. For "The Call," she chose to wear a curly wig that many observers didn't love, but it was part of the job. "It's becoming harder and harder for actors to escape who they really are and have people suspend belief," she said. “For me, the first thing that has to go is (my) hair.”‘ style=’float:left;padding:5px’ />

Probably! Happy Valentine’s Day! by John Boone Wed., Feb. 12, 2014 2:35 PM PST Loading… Have commercials always been this emotionally manipulative?! Since when is it OK to make us cry during an ad for an iPad ? Since when is it fair to make our hearts explode during an ad for, uh… What exactly is this an ad for? Which brings us to our second point: Emotionally manipulative ads don’t even have to be about the product anymore! This could be a commercial for literally anythingengagement rings?
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Short hair don’t care! Jennifer Aniston ditches her extensions and embraces her bob… despite ‘believing it makes her look old’

Before the chop: Jen is famous for her healthy long blonde hair, pictured in Canada in September

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WebMD health-e head2toe: skin care today

Individual strands get thinner and break more easily. Sunlight, climate, and pollution also take a toll. And typical hairstyling techniques — blow drying, coloring, over using gels — can further damage your hair. So whats a normally gorgeously-coiffed woman to do? Sometimes the only way to repair the damage is to cut the hair off and wait for healthy hair to grow back. But if the damage hasnt progressed too far, there are hair care products that may restore glossy, full-bodied hair. Many of these products may work for at least a short time and provide subtle benefits. Shampoos With Surfactants and Silicones Shampoos are not what they used to be. In the past, the cleansing agent was soap, which could dry out your scalp and leave a scum that doesnt rinse away.
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Is This the Most Romantic Hair Care Commercial You’ve Ever Seen? Probably! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Best Hairstyles To Sleep In: Hair Care Tips 1/6 The Loose Buntail If you want to avoid tangles and frizz in your hair and wish to get the hair ready in a span of five minutes flat, you can consider this for the night before. You will need to apply a frizz taming lotion to your hair. Brush your hair with light bristles. Flip your head, gather the hair and pull it up as a high ponytail. Now tie the ends of the ponytail with a lose elastic into a bun shape. There, your bun tail is ready and your morning’s going to be easy. This is one of the best hairstyles to sleep in. Best Hairstyles To Sleep In: Hair Care Tips 2/6 Plait Your Hair To save from tangles, you can tie your hair into a loose plait. It works well especially in both hair care as well as keeping your hair tangle free. When you wake up the next morning, there’s no tangle. But, possibly there could be another issue, the frizz issue.
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