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Seven natural products to use for all of your body care needs

($26, 3.7 oz; bellalucce.com ) 4. Best Body Scrub Kibio Exfoliating Body Scrub This scrub left our skin so soft and glowing, we were tempted to use it every day instead of the recommended once or twice weekly. The combination of cranberry, shea butter, and lemongrass makes for a fragrant treat. ($30, 4.7 oz; kibio.com ) 5. Best Body Spritz Origins Organics Silkening Body Spritz Hate that your lotions never reach that itchy, dry spot on your back? Origins solves the problem with its smart spray-bottle design and hydrating sunflower oil. ($25, 5 oz; origins.com ) 6. Best Hand Cream Bio-Etic Organic Aloe Hand Cream Forget creams that leave your hands too greasy. This lotion goes on thick but soaks in quickly for around-the-clock moisture. ($23, 2.5 oz; naturenvy.com ) 7.
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Johnson’s Body Care

Beverley Justice The Melt Away Stress with lavender and chamomile sounds very relaxing. Amir I would love melt away for this stressed out college student. lois I would love to try the Shea and Cocoa Butter. Jessica Gugel I think the Deep Hydrating one is the one best suited for me at this time. My skin gets extremely dry in the winter months and this one is ideal for extra dry skin. Thanks for the great contest and Happy Valentines Day to you and yours. gugel98atgmaildotcom Id love all of thesebut the be radiant exfoliating would be extra great! Barbara Hoefler The deep hydrating would be great for me! Lynde F We are in the process of moving, so I would pick Melt Away Stress~sounds Heavenly!
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Are your body care products safe enough to “eat”?

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Body Care Shows Modest Growth

Apple cider vinegar not only has many benefits to your internal body but also is an excellent beauty product for all your hair and skin needs from head to toe. ACV is cheap and due to its high acidity, it balances your skin and hair’s natural pH levels while leaving a beautiful glow. Baking soda (or bicarbonate of soda) is a gentle alkaline powder that cleans, whitens and also has anti-inflammatory properties. Baking soda will also draw out toxins which makes it a wonderful ingredient for your homemade products. You can find baking soda at any grocery store and it is very cheap. Beeswax is a natural wax produced by honeybees in their beehive. Beeswax has many uses, but in skin products, once applied to the skin, it forms a protective and moisturizing layer on the surface. It also contains antibacterial properties. Coconut oil has so many great uses. Coconut oil has anti-viral and anti-microbial properties. Not only is coconut oil great for cooking, it is also can be used in almost every body care need.
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Hong Kong body care market: Latest market research analysed

Natural & Organic According to Organic Monitor, sales of natural and organic body care products in Europe are strong and account for about half the $3.2 billion natural and organic beauty products market. Germany is the largest market for natural and organic body care products, which make up about 6% of the all body care products sold. After Germany, the next largest markets are in France, Italy and the UK. Leading brands include Weleda, Neals Yard Remedies, Dr. Hauschka and Alverde. Not included in Organic Monitors figures are the mainstream brands reformulating to become more natural. For example, leading German brand Nivea has added natural ingredients gingko extract and shea butter to its Nivea Body Irresistibly Smooth variant, while Unilevers Vaseline Essential Moisture Body Lotions include natural extracts of oat, aloe vera and cocoa. Sarah Brown, founder of organic face and body care brand Pai Skincare, points out that many so-called natural body care products use esterified oils that are an attractive alternative to vegetable oils. They are also relatively dry oils, which feel lighter on the skin and absorb quickly.
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Many skin care products are also ingested through the lips and through inhalation of powders and perfumes. Some people have the notion that since these products are used in such small amounts, then they could not possibly cause any harm. But consider how the day-to-day application of a body lotion adds up. Applying one tablespoon of lotion to your skin every day for five years equals over seven gallons of toxins in your body. If that lotion contained silicone derived ingredients, petroleum byproducts, chemical fragrances and artificial dyes, then you are subjecting your body to gallons of toxins that accumulate in your liver, colon and fatty cells. There are thousands of chemicals in the personal care products industry. Here are just a few samples of the effect these have on your health: 1. Phenoxyethanol: Preservative and fragrance in lotions 2. Parabens: Found in breast cancer tissue Preservative in lotions and shampoos 3. Propylene glycol: Toxic to the immune system Used as a humectant and fragrance ingredient 4.
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