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Like you, in other words, the average artist simply wants to look prettyit’s just that she’s a pro at nailing it. So we asked Hollywood insider Kayleen McAdams what she uses on herself. Let’s take a look. The 32-year-old look-alike sibling of actress Rachel McAdams , Kayleen always loved makeup but never knew it could be a career. That is, until she visited her big sister on set in 2003 and wandered into the makeup trailer. Years later, Lily Collins , Jessica Biel , and Rosario Dawson are her clientsalong with Rachel, of course. “I know her face so well,” says Kayleen. It’s like working on my reflection.” HER DO-IT-ALL TOOL: The Beautyblender Sponge the pointy end gets into tight spots; the fat end is great for blush. MY GO-TO EYESHADOWS: The Josie Maran Argan Beautiful Eyes palette . I also wear a CK One silver cream color pencil on the center of my lids and inner corners to catch light for subtle shimmer. Sometimes I’ll mix it with foundation for a little coverage.
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Local. One of the best ways to be kind to the Earth is to not only choose natural products but also choose products made locally. Kind Soap Company and Blissoma are two outstanding beauty companies based in St. Louis. Kind Soap Company offers all-natural, eco-friendly at highly affordable prices. Their products work exceptionally well and smell so, so good: aromatherapy soaps, shower gels and hand soaps, luxe skin care for face and body, hair care, baby care, personal care for men and even vintage jewelry filled with your choice of aromatherapy balms cleverly called Balmshells. Everything is handcrafted in Saint Louis and free of sulfates, parabens, pthalates, petrochemicals, artificial fragrance and colors, formaldehyde and talc (a well-known carcinogen). Some of our favorites: It Sticks aromatherapy balms that can be used as deodorant, lotion bars, solid cologne, shave balm and even for smoothing hair flyaways ($14) Balmshells and Sinus Therapy Balm Choose a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry and theyll fill the locket with an aromatherapy balm Sinus Therapy is ideal for allergy season Rosewater Cream a lightweight cream for face, body and hands nice and light so its great for warmer months ($14) Goodnight Kisses an exceptionally rich, petroleum-free lip balm ($10) Available at kindsoap.com , at Whole Foods and at the Kind Shop in Webster Groves. Blissoma offers blissfully 100% natural, raw, holistic, plant-based, Earth-friendly, high-performance skin care from Blissoma handmade in Saint Louis. Their products are made with raw organic herbs, fruits, juices and botanical oils.
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Top 10 Beauty Products For Spring 2014 | Christina-Lauren Pollack

With a few strategically placed strokes of Touche Eclat, the complexion immediately looks rested, rejuvenated, and radiant. Touche Eclatbanishes shadows and tired-looking eyes by adding light and creating an instant lift to the eye area. Touche Eclatwidens eyes when used between the eyebrows and along the sides of the nose, and creates fuller looking lips when used in the hollow of the chin and around the contour of the lips. It’s formulated for all skin types and for anyone who wants instant radiance, luminosity, and lift. To achieve the look of fresh, healthy skin, this is one of the top beauty products to get that desirable glow. 5. Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real! Mascara :A jet-black mascara that lengthens, curls, volumizes, lifts, and separates lashes for a spectacular “out-to-here” look. As one of the breakthrough bestselling beauty products out there, this mascara reveals lashes you never knew you had! The specially designed brush features staggered bristles that grab close to the root, boosting length and volume beyond belief. With a glossy, jet-black, long-wearing formula, you’ll flaunt luxurious, silky lashes that won’t smudge, clump, or dry out. The staggered bristles grab close to the root, boosting length and volume.
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Think Dirty App Reveals Just How Toxic Certain Beauty Products Are

Eco-friendly products, like plant ingredients, have a long history of safe usage. They offer the element of safety from harmful after-effects. The benefits of going green > Our body responds well to natural ingredients, while it has an in-built resistance to chemical ones. Since many mainstream beauty products use ingredients, that in small doses may not affect us, but in the long-run, can have the reverse effect on our bodies. For eg: Many facial cleansers contain alcohol-based ingredients that end up drying your skin. Knowing your products are chemical-free will ease any worries of allergic and chemical reactions. > A whole range of beauty products exist in nature, as plant extracts are remarkably versatile. So now you will find eco-friendly make-up, hair, skin care and other beauty products as well as herbal remedies free from bulking and binding agents. > With the use of cleaner ingredients, comes cleaner manufacturing. Eco-friendly products use a minimum of packaging waste, and are made of post-consumer recycle wherever possible. So the waste that is disposed off after manufacturing natural products is bio- degradable and free from toxins that do not cause harm to the environment. Are they heavy on the pocket?
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But, alas, not all beauty product packages are made equally, and actually squeezing a package to get a product out doesn’t work most of the time. MORE: 25 Thoughts Every Beauty Junkie Has At Sephora Below, we clue you in on a few of the best tips and tricks for getting the most out of your beauty products, before you run to the store to stock up on more. And while you’re there, you may not even have to pick up extras, since this one will last you so much longer. MORE: Are Cult Beauty Products Worth Their Hype? Lotion: Lotions can be one of the hardest products to get every last drop out of. If you’re dealing with a plastic bottle, simply remove the top and cut the neck off with scissors so that it’s large enough to scoop the remaining product out with a spatula or butter knife. You can then store your lotion in a clean tupperware container. Shampoo: For shampoo or conditioner, you can add a tiny bit of water into your bottle and shake it to get the last bit out, but it will dilute the product of course so this will be your last few uses. If you have a plastic container – cut it! To cover it, use tape to seal. Nail Polish: As you get to the end of a nail polish bottle, it tends to thicken up.
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Monistat for Hair Growth?

For now, if you want to avoid toxins and chemicals in your food or beauty products and choose effective natural ingredients instead you are going to have to take extra time and energy to do so. I know, it’s frustrating. As is often the case, technology has answered consumer demand for information more quickly than the companies that manufacture the products can produce the info we want. This time it’s an app that will break down what exactly is in your cosmetics and personal care products. This info can be hard or impossible to find, since many products don’t include ingredients listings (they aren’t required to by the government, and claim ‘trade secrets’ are more important that you and me knowing exactly what’s in the stuff we slather on our bodies every day). Products that aren’t ingested aren’t held to the same standards as food or drugs, and many of the chemicals used in everyday products have never been tested for safety they are on the GRAS list, which stands for Generally Recognized As Safe (which only means that they haven’t been proven to be harmful to people, but they also haven’t been proven to be safe). We want you to Think Dirty. from Think Dirty on Vimeo . If you are looking to avoid chemicals like phthalates, parabens and synthetic fragrances, the Think Dirty app is a guiding hand through the confusing world of beauty product labeling. You can input a product name, and you can also scan a product’s barcode.
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