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Our trips to the gym have been in vain… all we needed to melt away that double chin was a steady hand. And this face/body pummeling device. Scary. Yep, science is wrong. Spot weight loss is possible. Apparently, plastic surgeons should have been obsolete after this terrifying invention hit the markets. Or this thing… which reminds us of Hannibal Lecter! Nope, your hair loss has nothing to do with diet, age, or even genetics.
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Cosmetic and skincare packaged products manufacturers are targeting the masses with value brands cheaper by 20-30% from their existing line-up of brands. From brands such as Shiseido , LOreal , Maybelline , Revlon to cosmetic retail chains Sephora and Kiehls , there is a growing focus on the Indian consumer. The underpenetrated market is also evoking interest from European and American brands which are interested in setting up operations here, said analysts. Japanese skincare luxury brand Shiseido set up a wholly owned subsidiary Shiseido India Pvt. Ltd to get into the mass market with a value brand ZA , launched on 1 April. Shiseido has been present in India for nearly a decade in the luxury segment, selling at departmental stores such as Shoppers Stop . Sephora, a premium Arganelle retail chain selling cosmetics, is increasing products on offer in the Rs.1,000-Rs.1,500 range as it tries to become more relevant to the Indian consumer. We are bringing in some exclusive brands that will address the Indian consumers need for affordability, said Dipak Agarwal , chief executive officer, DLF Brands Ltd , which operates Sephora. At the premium-end, LOreal India Pvt. Ltd is widening its portfolio to cater to the massesits brands Maybelline, Garnier and LOreal Paris have products that are 30-50% cheaper now than a year ago.
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Seriously, Stop Using Beauty Products With Microbeads

The move would create 300 jobs, according to city officials. Joe Pender, company president and CEO, said company officials hope to break ground in October and open the 130,000-square-foot facility in summer 2015. The facility, the company’s second, would be built off Smith’s Mill Loop Road. Bocchi manufactures products for the health and beauty industries and produces items for Victoria’s Secret and Bath and Body Works, Pender said. Its products include shampoo and lotion. Pender said Bocchi has some smaller clients in New York and New Jersey, which also could be served by the new facility. New Albany City Council on May 20 voted 4-0 in favor of a 100 percent real property-tax abatement for 10 or 15 years. City Council members Chip Fellows, Glyde Marsh, Stephen Pleasnick and Mayor Nancy Ferguson were present. Colleen Briscoe, Mike Mott and Sloan Spalding were absent. Jennifer Chrysler, New Albany’s community-development director, said the term of the abatement would be based on the type of facility the company builds and how environmentally friendly it is according to the city’s “green” program. Chrysler said the company has 11 acres in the campus, and has room for a 57,000-square-foot expansion.
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Top 3 LA natural food stores with beauty departments – Los Angeles Natural Beauty |

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Their Premium Body Care Standards help you find safer, more natural beauty products in the grocery store because theyve done the ingredient homework for you! Over 400 ingredients have been researched and classified as unacceptable and potentially hazardous for your health. These are never included in any product bearing the Premium Body Care symbol. Erewhon Natural Foods has two convenient locations in mid-city Los Angeles and Calabasas. Their Wellness and Beauty department is teamed by well knowledgeable staff that have hand picked beauty items to meet gluten-free, vegan, and clean ingredient standards. You can even direct your skin concerns to their in store naturopathic doctor to see if you may have a gluten or dairy intolerance leading to the inflammation in your skin. Natropathy uses the power of nature combined with modern medicine and ancient traditions like Ayurvedic or Chinese medicine to heal the body inside and outside. Sprouts Farmers Market has a few locations across Los Angeles County. Their Health and Body Care department has a large selection of natural, cruelty-free, and old-fashioned beauty products at budget and value prices.
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Beauty-product manufacturer plans to create 300 local jobs | ThisWeek Community News

NPR has gruesome details about the environmental impact of the microbeads so common in various washes, which are honestly pretty weird anyway. Because they’re small enough to slip through many water treatment systems, they’re draining into places like the Great Lakes, Erie and Ontario in particular. And that is bad, bad, bad: “They are about the same size as fish eggs, which means that, essentially, they look like food. To any organism that lives in the water, they are food,” Mason says. “So our concern is that, essentially, they are making their way into the food web.” And if fish eat microbeads, which can soak up toxins like a sponge, scientists suggest that those chemicals could be passed on to humans and wildlife. In the grand, ecological scheme of things, you may basically be rubbing DDT all over your face. Bills to ban the beads, introduced in February by lawmakers in Illinois and New York, are quickly making their way through both state legislatures. In the meantime, L’Oreal, Johnson & Johnson and Procter & Gamble all say they’re “phasing out” the nasty little devils. God knows what kind of corporate timeline they’re working on, though. New York Might Ban Beauty Products with Plastic ‘Microbeads’ New York Might Ban Beauty Products with Plastic ‘Microbeads’ New York Might Ban Beauty Products with Plastic…
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