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Click on the product links in each slide to read our full reviewandsave, share, or buy your favorites! Eau Thermale Avene Cleansing Foam and Mattifying Fluid For years, the most effective defense against oily skin was microsponges, an ingredient added to foundation or primer to soak up grease once it surfaced, sort of like a tiny grounds crew racing onto a baseball field after a rainstorm. Now, Avene researchers have figured out that the best defense against shine really is a good offense: They’ve found an amino acid that helps short-circuit oil production within sebaceous glands before it can reach the surface. So over time, hyperactive oil glands calm downway down. HOW IT WORKS: Wash your face with the cleanser and follow with a thin layer of the mattifying fluid. An amino acid in both formulas called glutamic acid gets to work reducing oiliness by inhibiting the enzyme, 5-alpha reductase, that makes sebum production go haywire. In areas such as the cheeks, where everything is humming along normally, enzyme levels aren’t elevated, so the ingredient doesn’t have much to do. (The fluid, very thoughtfully, does deposit hydrating glycerin, since even oily complexions can be dry in these well-behaved spots.) In company studies, oil production was decreased by 15 percent within three hours of applying the duo. And after two weeks, 93 percent of test subjects said their skin was more matte. WHAT AN EXPERT SAYS: “It’s an impressive innovation.
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Eminence Okay, this one is for all of you who want a little luxury in your life, but I promise: Eminence is worth every penny. This Hungarian company revolutionized plant-based beauty products (Eminence was founded in 1958), and continues to produce some of the highest-quality, organic, and chemical-free formulas on the market. And because each product is so dense (no fillers or water is added), your purchase will last a very long time. The Persimmon & Cantaloupe SPF Day Cream keeps my skin protected, the Coconut Age Corrective Moisturizer replenishes my face overnight, and the Pear & Poppy Seed Microderm Polisher exfoliates the harsh city elements Ive been exposed to during the day. Lets just say that Eminence has become a staple on my Christmas list each year. Stark Skincare With a philosphy of beauty by rebels for rebels, Canadian-based Stark Skincare stands up to the unrealistic promises made by the mainstream beauty industry with its sumptuous line of hand-crafted, organic, and fair-trade body products. My absolute favorite is the Grapefruit Cleanse + Hydrate Balm, as a dab on my neck and hands keeps me feeling (and smelling) fresh all day long. And guess what? It smells like real grapefruit, and because it has no added water, its super concentrated. After a long day at the VegNews office, I give my face an invigorating spritz of the White Willow Bark Perfect Tonic before heading out to dinner or hitting a yoga class.
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Introduced through Illinois legislation bill SB2727 , which was signed into law by Illinois Natural Hair Care governor Pat Quinn, the new law aims to prohibit the manufacture of such products by the end of 2018 and the sale of the products by the end of 2019. Often used in exfoliating and scrub skin and body care products, as well as occasionally in toothpastes and other beauty products, synthetic plastic microbeads have come under fire due the pollution threat they pose to waterways. Environmental experts pointed out the beads can build up and poise a danger to wildlife, as well as potentially giving off toxic chemicals. In a statement, Governor Quinn said, “Banning microbeads will help ensure clean waters across Illinois and set an example for our nation to follow. Lake Michigan and the many rivers and lakes across our state are among our most important natural resources. We must do everything necessary to safeguard them.” Other states, including New York and California, have recently considered similar legislation that bans the use of such microbeads in beauty products, and the Personal Care Products Council helped work on the Illinois legislation. In statement, the Council said, “We urge policy makers who are considering similar legislation in other states to review the work we have accomplished in Illinois with all sectors of the business community. Reportedly, some environmentalists have questioned the long rollout in Illinois, and the beauty industry, which found issues with such legislation in other states, previously worked to push back the proposed timeline of such an implementation in California. However, several major beauty industry companies and suppliers have begun to offer and switch to more natural scrubbing and exfoliating alternatives than synthetic plastic microbeads.
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Illinois Bans Microbeads in Beauty Products

The non-biodegradable beads — which can be found in facial cleansers, hand washes and toothpastes — serve as exfoliating agents. But studies have shown that the beads are devastating rivers and lakes across the nation, slipping through water treatment systems and sopping up toxins. Often mistaken for fish eggs by other sea creatures, they are then consumed as food. The Illinois law, which is the first of its kind to be passed, states that the manufacture and sale of products containing the tiny beads must phase out over the next five years. Related: This Crazy, High-Tech Billboard Does More Than Just Display Ads Im optimistic that weve started a nationwide movement to protect not just the Great Lakes, but other bodies of water with high concentrations of microbeads, senator Heather Steans, who co-sponsored the bill, told The Chicago Tribune. Other states are weighing similar legislation, with New York eyeing a deadline for banning the ingredient that could be as early as 2016. And cosmetic giants such as LOreal and Unilever are already on board. Each has announced a commitment to remove the ingredient by 2017 and 2015, respectively. While Unilever vowed to deliver a similar exfoliating performance without the need to use plastics, LOreal concurred that natural alternatives, such as mineral particles and fruit seeds, can provide a similar effect. Independent bakeries a dying breed }F=LLlD C&xMR oEHd Jc! ep \9 -6v’wU)SAQ5zh}9fmB_e\L>1SGdF~3p}|y7??a:f `dP1jCyVn9Bg>*xS}8#9eTn=_ mKXs]F “1/0K@?buH*f;RAh YM]#0$G ?=@jT>H?” > Qf>$y^<\ey$uh' ?gnU#An6!}@z =BwoylV{ 2Fa3&re 4/CM>^Iq1h;n_zrM{X`A]{p_`W >EaFlkz{RsQ;(bOm:rW$QhDu\]})f[fu}b*.’X H Sct0&j vJM’AHIBU._dTO.\9qU39 Kb8nvqYWW’3U[guv[UuiJ^^6#axvV]’%N &m0V4+_XhEU6k~vrx*D~Wq%j-Xd^KHmGMzF~V3eR92((&Kng>NFe{\eZmDYJg 5k2s5:F|qd,WV:Ca Mgt+WrgsK9Jn.%l^RUdS7%’bkU#?=+9b+’b3Hkf 8 i[*C-%eTSd(%7>3{me=k TRt^d)]Ii@zHbx/>QUr }74k*fV; K\\ oA]p?FSIi/fst lIx9`SgHjOplJd*K*eV)&br~5rqY x]AbE%FV=x1rf v[f 70||G~!w*NvG}*Hs}  T y3n ,`Qw[j^ l4s`X jRnkrU~ hk^a}o}z?A=Cwi> p )hYt{= )]F5&|6 Pi}g2 `=2Bq1=(Fw~ /{5 }[FUW5H > 3{“7:=L\Hvur5\ng I&)6 pPQs^ ;q#,y^.2A^ r%cix1 /72 Kq @,)b.O=b?dEx +O UiA 3C3  WdR00{!=o x+k Ou+O )?ZZBg ‘Cj4wGLzZ_’ TNR^LA#Oka7:+RL$ W=yo n]u ktm&s Ipoe YU’;RZ,{q:|]Ml”V, H*pvJ(pT ‘B_dOL!’j8iN6$[(P” A1>0’IZ)Y(cMY3wY9qUHF;Ka6yX3>8z1  PS]oc’x|];QcDuO9)o (jB^W!O5D`n1&v]d ; ?uB?TrHh)vH+l8rU`i9RMxjN?8qnrZANcVbI’2.y\f9e)C_$f#.Qu Nd& rs/h% srUu R]-kO4\)21″9 8N9 |6:]m&0 Ca[-Y6 ,t6(S+Nhl7g= W -}tsBYp 2uvp %Q ,a+9c38S4ujJp/8&lEw[kN;c}($+]SG<+(h:'RTi'xKJ:mxjy*5<^7Q y 2sfv’Eh):_ZDjx \c>1p-u”{\k+kdD4>dKS`A 187Y.!Lmt ‘D’b {8dN,clmidMCajf%mVH~V 59M9yksUwBD4Yn4 9%:7 }i.lAGNTx-sw@# #X&6ll*m.io %R# $,Ez~h%rRRPU xCkCgN*Plc1wV#IZq]IbKbWyobM_Ky ]9&#g(/HW$MVC/vNJC*7itz)%2;Q+$1jnItNxsR /D+W{l9BWRzFM* yw’6.D+aS% er(?N0u2o4O:R{Ni\ t-|P^? fR[Bc7vRK44Ya_RDscOP?d}-EMvd|n]NH.e r ?]` 6>hW b#xyxA;-6* z[>CY To5[VM,;Pn`[9M 8:pK(0,rBi :fzJlxwtF%f-4/’rnR\L5v Gd$S  .IJ/ p/3-“v$\m!NyS 0pd_9ZW|KbWl8C3o ZKLr080NM~sk*!k*5 x<Js%W8 [Q#2Wp -*f'|mT0y],:agEH|K_`k5f-(`x9I h 2G Lv!%Cv&m(x-. vY{+s~ _pk@UE0}I } ff7yN' LOO?I; i+ADV."g~8' '7Q` cm zrbl ! [&_F_w]}/B6″-?E/._=|g5 3fGf:/\>0F!h>&} i? i}yBH# ||oM T )wGuB >p n9 ?”(@lvQw+AGM@a3vK4 g9UN[=UO?@CA?~-wUf e_ B?>}Cd c. 7q.MxMTHV T t<yq*X=O <7=O=?){{{n=7[bC &Fui Z S74zxj?,4 gXI B;nC["mF[mXo]Cm/ gg Rates ZysOC$'rDX$d9LzI]q4M($XGz{%;"UY75z ^ XGw %.^0=pT-)`ES>bg+QjL|cakoT$ 3:wV[J$Xu\8LoQ; ,KU|’Z x-;/@BO4’~la[t\l’ fX-/X-V 9lK^”n)Fv,T 4bB’bs,|Y*FI$Xvq’,RBBp@;fz” u au : I!> !A,DZjeK’rVWr%*iq8lW4 { S%!\*< {~I{zqJ!a ;Df>& uI&xVUj S6o-:wi +]ua\q@0oPePdi0'[w8qT-u’q[=!A  7fe{,Eu1!1?gi ;\|^l Pq DC \I } {~w 9ungZg?vE`u]W/zXMo|.0? ! I;G’ F!C!0sy !]% 4#JC%gf|)0 `S=CP >Et}dQ] X,ldZ` Kje.CGr `sl|S6A>B3]!BUHfls4jXyx&Dz_u~a4n Cft hfihZ)o3!M$A*!wBerTXj5^o~V,d,$e>}H`s 6@~c4wn3d’s-o0sL ztJ_=rL2$BLd/Zl;`{P0`7\A rZT+//-c3~ L- Uub{#FWu~+?mQtmjl VRs6{Z}5SYBG3GSp~LMeF,.K9 X V7* eLVgYG3%J58l8UC’g c:NY’:67zu8jER2a EkFy?4 Q;. G:c+z$5b5 4k.nj? skd&L8q,PM/O c,H0^BYR1` sa’:poQ0]ZtXBqvbHye;}#Yod*Y+]9]&4.2{[ h@/I(zz4:6’Vi]}ROy6kS.% 9”ZW “D0HR]@ U iT’YA(~^(-=>>~-d0nF TU X9 iD+^?=~v{L^U=v)d 2E d e4A` vF*lINzlAsZ#J4d+ YJ29f/;BL!H dBlO?6_1Hjl{yG  J<yO! 6%B%:Kx+-= ) =`1u<G$ayOh E %/?R) Market News
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It can also be inconvenient to go out and buy everythingthat you use.Beauty products can be all over the place, forcing you to run from store to store to find everything that you need. What a lot of people dont realize is that some of the best beauty products dont have expensive labels on them and dont come from over-priced makeup and department stores. In fact, most of the beauty products you should add to your collection can be found at your local pharmacy or at stores like Target and Walmart. So save your money and time and keep an eye out for some of these must-have beauty products. They wont rob your wallet and they are sure to become staple products in your beauty routine. Baby Lips: Although the colorful Baby Lips tube looks like its for tweens, it may just end up being your new favorite lip product. The beauty product is supposed to keep lips moisturized for up to eight hours while also adding color. Baby Lips comes in six different colors with fun names like Cherry Me and Pink Punch. The Maybelline product is also pretty inexpensive for the quality. For only about four dollars, you can find your new moisturizer and the best lip color for you. image via vanityrouge.com Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin: Spin pins have a corkscrew type shape and are made to help youputyour hair intoupdos and buns.
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Beauty Product Warnings strives to clarify and demystify the sometimes-bewildering array of options of this sort, and has developed a reputation for objectivity and no-nonsense reviews. One of the most common questions we have been hearing recently is does Lifecell really work ? company representative Simon Hendricks confided, which told us that the existing information wasnt enough for our discerning visitors. We resolved to answer that question once and for all, and were happy to say that weve done so. One of a number of creams and other topical treatments that promise to reverse or slow the effects of aging on the face, Lifecell is marketed in part through claims that it can be as effective as more expensive surgical treatments like BOTOX. Beauty Product Warnings recent analysis of the treatment was designed to determine the truth of this and other representations, as well as to compare the product to competing alternatives. With so many treatments out there vying for our dollars, Hendricks continued, it can be hard to figure out whats really worthwhile. Were dedicated to cutting through the confusion and providing the most reliable, actionable information anywhere. Beauty Product Warnings covers the whole range of available home-based cosmetic treatments. It has analyzed a variety of over-the-counter acne alleviation products, for example, as well as a number of topical creams designed to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. In addition to studying and reviewing name-brand preparations, it also delves into inexpensive treatments using essential oils and other substances which may sometimes prove just as effective as those branded alternatives. We know that, after reading our report, many of our visitors will be asking where to buy Lifecell , Hendricks concluded, and weve got them covered there, too. We take the task of pointing out reliable, economical suppliers just as seriously as that of identifying the best beauty products. Visitors to the companys website at http://www.beautyproductwarnings.com will find a wide variety of its findings, reports, and guides available free of charge. Through staying abreast of the latest developments in the industry, the company is often among the first to report on promising-seeming new treatments, and it continually revises its beauty product recommendations as new information becomes available.
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