Either opt for waves or a fancy bun to look all prepped up. Keep a hair spray and a curling iron handy to quickly set your hair . A stash of hairpins and clips will ensure you get a chic bun or updo. Base for a flawless face You need to start by choosing a perfect base for your face which goes well with your skin tone. Powder your face with a shade that’s slightly lighter than your skin colour. Hide all those spots and imperfections with the base and face powder and dazzle your way to a selfie. Mascara Mascara works wonders with your eyes, as it opens them up. A voluminous mascara which make your lashes appear thicker and frame your eyes to perfection. Black works best to keep you selfie ready. Blush A picture perfect selfie calls for high cheekbones. Highlight your cheeks with a cute-sey peach or pink blush and look your prettiest best.
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Organic Beauty Products that Won’t Break the Bank – Shine from Yahoo Canada

To start, the labels are confusing. Few are made from 100 percent organic ingredients. Made with organic ingredients is more common, meaning 70 percent of the ingredients qualify. If it just says organic, 95 percent of whats inside the bottle is free of man made pesticides and fertilizers. And by the time you figure out which is right for you, youre probably dropping $40 for a bottle of lotion. Unless you shop the below, some of the bestand most affordableproducts for your hair, face, and body. Everyday Minerals Blush ($12) Curl and lengthen your lashes with this mascarait comes in black and ultra blackthats 100-percent free of harsh chemicals, preservatives, parabens, GMOs, and synthetic colors. Hemp Organics Lipstick ($12.94) Because strong chemicals make for bolder pigments, its tough to find organic lipstick, let alone at a bargain price. But Hemp Organics is 95% organic and boasts a flattering matte finish. (Though they typically retail for $17.95, you can find them on sale on Amazon.) Just Skin Food Natural and Organic Sunscreen ($12.99) Ever since the Environmental Working Group named this one of 2014s top sunscreens the small brand cant keep it in stock.
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Old School Beauty Products That Still Work – Yahoo Lifestyle UK

Theres been a big increase in men using beauty products in order to keep their complexions clear, hair thick and wrinkles away, so more companies have been creating grooming items for guys. Still, there are lots of primarily female-oriented products that men should absolutely check out, so if youre a man whos been feeling the urge to improve your skin, hair and nails, definitely give these a try. 1. Perfume Lets just break out the big guns right away, shall we? While many women prefer colognes to the typical floral or super sweet perfumes marketed to females, there are also men on the other side of the spectrum who love those, but can never find them in the mens sections of stores. (I would argue that its even more difficult to find variety in male fragrance aisles than in womens.) If youre a guy whos been irritated with the lack of choices for men, just give the womens section a gander instead. For all the ladies with brothers, boyfriends, male friends or whatever, if you know a guy in your life is curious about trying new scents, you could always gift one to him or simply snag some samples so they can see what theyre into. The sampler listed below actually allows the receiver to try multiple fragrances and then exchange the included certificate for a full-size bottle of their fave. Last year, I gave my then-boyfriend a bottle of BLK DNM Perfume 11 and he pretty much fell in love with it, so since then, Ive been a huge advocate for guys wearing perfume. Recommendations: Deborah Lippmann Cuticle Oil 6.
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The 7 Best Products In Target’s Premium Skincare Aisle

It softens as it cleanses to leave skin feeling hydrated and smooth. Nivea Creme Nivea Creme, 1.49, Superdrug may date back to 1911 but its clever combination of Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E is still proving effective today. A classic beauty staple it can be used to moisturise both face and body. It’s preservative free and dermatologically approved. Carmex Lip Balm Carmex Lip Balm, 1.50, Tesco, has been around since 1930 and is still one of the best performing lip balms around. An intensive treatment for painful cracked lips the famous lip product is now available in both the iconic yellow pots and tubes. Johnson’s Baby Oil It may have been a must-have for newborns in 1938 but Johnson’s Baby Oil, 2.60, Boots.com has a multitude of beauty uses for women today. It can be used to seal in moisture after showering, to give legs a subtle sheen or to remove make-up. Batiste Dry Shampoo Dry shampoos have had a serious revival in recent years but 40-year-old Batiste Dry Shampoo, 1.99, Superdrug, is still one of the biggest players. Now available in a variety of scents, it’s a must-have for prolonging the life of hair between washes.
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15 Women’s Beauty Products Men Should Use For Grooming

15 Women’s Beauty Products Every Man Should Try

1 Own Radiance Brightening Daily Cleanser I’m willing to try anything that will help me cut down on my morning beauty routine so I can sleep in a little longer so I jumped at this facial product that cleanses and exfoliates at the same time. Jojoba beads remove all the dirt and grime without stripping your skin, while glycerin and vitamin C add moisture for a hydrated finish. This cleanser is free of fragrances, alcohol and hydroquinone (a common skin-lightening ingredient), so it makes it suitable for all skin types to get their scrub on. $13, Target.com 2 29 Secret Of The Vine Serum Extract 29 creator Lydia Mondavi’s family is known for their winemaking, and I’m extremely grateful that she managed to pour that expertise into a cosmetics collection built on grapes. If you’re wondering why in the world you would need a serum in addition to moisturizer and sunscreen, then all you need to do is slather on this product to see it’s skin-tightening results. You’re welcome. $24, Target.com 3 Borghese Age-Defying Cellulare Complex Nourish Eye Treatment This Borghese product immediately caught my eye — the brand dates back to the 14th century. Boosted with anti-aging ingredients like aloe and grape seed oil, this eye treatment revives delicate skin around the eye area to create a brighter and suppler appearance. Plus, the price tag isn’t prohibitive for anyone looking to try out something new. $24, Target.com 4 La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo Dual Action Acne Treatment I’ve been very lucky to not have adult acne — but when I do get pesky pimples around that “time of the month,” I want them gone fast. The very second I start to feel a breakout, I dab a bit of this acne cream on the problem area.
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Beauty products superstore planned in Fairbanks – Fairbanks Daily News-Miner: Local News

Eric Engman/News-Miner ULTA http://www.youtube.com/arganellebeauty Beauty supply store coming to Fairbanks Construction continues on the new ULTA Beauty supply store next to Sports Authority in the Johansen Business District Tuesday afternoon, June 24, 2014. Posted: Wednesday, June 25, 2014 12:00 am | Updated: 11:09 am, Wed Jun 25, 2014. Beauty products superstore planned in Fairbanks By Jeff Richardson jrichardson@newsminer.com newsminer.com FAIRBANKS A Chicago-based beauty retailer is planning to open a superstore in the Johansen business district next year, becoming the latest national company to enter the Fairbanks market. ULTA Beauty expects to open an 11,000-square-foot store in 2015, joining about 700 other ULTA stores throughout the country. Construction of the building is already underway at a site next to Sports Authority in the rapidly growing commercial area. Carolyn Sutphen, an event planner for ULTA Beauty, declined in an email to discuss specific details about the store, including an opening date, stating that they would be released at a later date. But she confirmed a lease has been signed for the store, which will include more than 500 different brands of products plus full salon services. Stephen Anderson, plans examiner for the city of Fairbanks, said ULTA has only pursued a shell permit to build a basis structure at the Johansen-area site. He expects the company to resubmit more specific plan details at a later date, which is a fairly common practice for a large commercial building. ULTA Beauty offers mass products for price-conscious shoppers, Sutphen stated in her email, including items in the categories of skincare, cosmetics, fragrances, hair care, nails, and bath and body. The company describes itself as the largest beauty retailed that provides one-stop shopping for prestige, mass and salon products and salon services in the United States. It operates 696 retail stores in 46 states. Contact staff writer Jeff Richardson at 459-7518.
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