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Beauty Ingredient to Try: Charcoal

“I just think it’s the beginning of a new look for the Willows,” Hunter said. “But the feel overall is community. It’s about the community being able to come here and enjoy themselves and have a nice place to shop and eat.” The city has been working hard to bring in new retail like Ulta. At a recent City Council meeting, Victoria Walker, Concord’s director of community and economic development, explained that staffers in her department work with commercial real estate brokers and property owners to attract businesses. In addition to Ulta, recent successes include Pacific Plaza Imports, a caviar and fine foods importer in Pittsburg that is building a warehouse on Willow Pass Road; Concord Mazda; and Hobby Lobby. Staffers are working with the ownership group of the former Marie Callender’s and Peppermill restaurant properties to lure new eateries to those sites, Walker said. The city also is pursuing the burgeoning biotech industry, both for existing commercial spaces and looking ahead to the civilian development of the Concord Naval Weapons Station. Finally, Walker explained that events at Todos Santos Plaza do double duty by bringing residents together and showcasing Concord’s assets to the business community. Owners of Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop, The Pig & the Pickle taproom and the soon-to-open Hop Grenade Taproom & Bottleshop were introduced to Concord through the downtown gatherings, Walker said. “We attract more than 150,000 people annually to these downtown events and that translates into customers who patronize and learn about our downtown businesses,” she said.
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Should You Be Sipping Aloe Vera Juice This Summer? – ABC News

In addition, each presenter will explain why they are wholeheartedly embracing CBD-rich hemp oil lifestyle products through network marketing. All we can say is, ‘Get ready to learn from the pros!'” The Kannaway speaker line-up for Orlando is an all-star group, including network marketing professionals: Brian Beane, Ryan Vanderpool, Billy Funk, Seth Fraser, Ray Dietrich, Eric Green, and Jeff Rogers. Each brings to the organization a key to success that they will pass along to the “Kannaway Nation”: Brian Beane: retired at the age of 22 through network marketing Ryan Vanderpool: proven leader and top network marketing earner Billy Funk: expert lead generator & team builder Seth Fraser: communications expert & network marketing mentor Ray Dietrich: Internet and affiliate marketing expert Eric Green: global hybrid — online and offline – marketer Jeff Rogers: a natural born leader Rogers continues, “Our mission is to make ‘ Kannaway ‘ a household brand and these innovative CBD-rich hemp oil products as commonly used as any other household product today. Kannaway is extremely thrilled to unveil a brand new product that appeals to people of all ages during the Orlando Brand Ambassador training,” explains Rogers. The CBD-rich hemp oil products available through Kannaway include: HempVAP(TM): The hemp lifestyle vaporizer pen with a patented tip that has been shown to double as a smart device stylus. CBD-rich hemp oil cartridge re-fill flavors are strawberry and honeydew. Kannakick(TM): The world’s first CBD-rich hemp oil-infused energy chew squares, which come in five great-tasting flavors: citrus, chocolate, ice, cinnamon and green apple. Each chew square contains 100mg of caffeine in each piece (about the same as a cup of coffee), making this an extremely travel-friendly energy product. Cannabis Beauty DEFINED(TM): These CBD-rich hemp oil-infused luxury anti-aging products include a luxurious anti-aging cleanser, exfoliant, moisturizer, day & night serum-to-toner and salve. Until now, this unique 13th-century bi-bong(TM) herbal extract formulation had only been available for thousands of years to the Korean royal family.
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Healthy-Aging Lifestyle Company Vestiage, Inc. Announces Launch

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“It’s not something I necessarily do every day for long periods of time. But I’ve been doing it on and off for about two years now.” Rattling off the health benefits most often associated with the vitamin-rich juice and touted by L’Heureux and DeSousa, Real Nutrition founder Amy Shapiro, a registered dietician, told ABC News that she recommends a shot of it to dull-skinned patients seeking brighter complexions. “It’s a great source of vitamin B-12 — especially for vegetarians and vegans, because that tends to be a vitamin that they’re lacking,” she said. The wonder plant, which is available at specialty stores and trendy outfits such as The Juice Press and Liqueteria, is also rich in antioxidant vitamins A, C and E, which are thought to combat free radicals. “It’s 99% water, but it contains healing properties that act as an anti-inflammatory in the body,” said Lauren Felts, founder of The Holy Kale . Felts noted that the glycoproteins and polysaccharides that occur in aloe vera can help reduce swelling, calm intestinal disorders such as Crohn’s disease and Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and even stabilize blood sugar. Just don’t expect the tincture to go down easy. “The flavor can be a little much for some people,” Shapiro said, which is why she advises that first-time imbibers mix it into a green juice or dissolve it in lemon water. “The outside of the leaf can have a laxative effect, so start slowly,” Shapiro cautioned. Converts claim the payoff is worth it. Shapiro emphasizes to clients that digestive health and radiant skin “go hand in hand.” Felts reminds them that many are more dehydrated than they realize.
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Let the Sunshine In: Kannaway Nation Hits Orlando – Yahoo Finance

(Source: Boscia, Sephora; Art by Tanya Leigh Washington)It might seem counterintuitive to rub something that resembles dirt all over your face, but as it turns out that’s precisely what a number of beauty brands want you to do. Charcoal is now popping up as an active ingredient in several skincare products hitting the market. When charcoal is pulverized and steamed, it becomes “activated.” This process gives the carbon-based substance an even larger surface area, thus making it a highly effective filter. Think of it as a giant porous sponge that is able to draw out pollutants and impurities without being absorbed itself,which is precisely what many of us are looking for in a skincare product. Now that you know some of the science behind it, are you persuaded to get a little dirty and give charcoal a try? In case you’re ready to ease into the charcoal trend, check out three products that contain the pore-attacking ingredient. Boscia Pore Purifying Black Strips, $28, at (Source: Boscia)This peel-off strip adheres to skin and attracts impurities via charcoal. Other active ingredients include silica to control oil and witch hazel extract to tighten pores. Biore Self Heating One Minute Mask, $7, at Ulta (Source: Biore)This face mask boasts pore purification in just one minute.
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Live at , the updated website offers a succinct and comprehensive picture of the Company in a sleek, uncluttered design, while providing users with a content-rich experience. The redesign includes mobile optimization, allowing for better compatibility with tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices as well as technological and aesthetic enhancements, which provide better-organized, SEO-focused content. The new features on the Vestiage website include: Company Brands: The website provides visitors with comprehensive information regarding Company brands: RegiMEN and Monterey Bay Nutraceuticals. Stock Ticker: The clearly positioned stock ticker provides for easy, at-a-glance tracking of the Vestiage stock (VEST). Social Media Integration: Direct links give users easy access to Vestiages social media presence. Improved Configuration and Navigation: The site is focused on a clean layout and incorporates an intuitive navigation menu structure. Archived Media: The new site will provide a media library for users to easily locate the latest press releases and Company news. Were very proud of this new website and are excited to unveil the new Vestiage design, said CEO Scott Kimball. Our goal was to create a visually stimulating and informative website that provides users with an accessible portal to Vestiage and our brands. The new site is investor-relations friendly now and reflects our corporate identity and core values, taking us one step further in our mission to be a leader in the healthy-aging industry. About Vestiage Vestiage (Pink Sheets: VEST ) is a publicly traded healthy-aging company. The Company offers premium branded science-based nutraceuticals to a premium consumer base through multiple channels.
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6 Rules to Live by When Starting a Subscription Business


5. Be adventurous Image: Birchbox A service like Birchbox , which sends samples of beauty products, is like a treasure hunt in the mail every month, experts said. The more than 20,000 women who subscribe often cite the sense of delight and discovery they get from having a new product before its widely available. For that, theyre willing to pay $10 a month. Half of those customers have bought full-sized products of the samples they tried, a massive conversion rate, John Warrillow, president of and writer of an upcoming book on the subject, said. 6. Be insider From the FastPass at Disney World to special clearance at the airport, “Weve become perpetual queue jumpers,” Warrillow said. Thats why front-of-the-line, early access subscription services may become one of the most fertile niches in this new economy. , founded by former executive Julie Wainwright, offers sneak peeks on its sales of luxury goods to its premium members.
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