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These clutches are very, very small, says Fiona Stiles , who works with Jennifer Garner, Jessica Alba and Elizabeth Banks. If Im lucky, maybe the publicist will carry something, and I can sneak in a lipstick and lip brush. A lot of times its the bare minimum. Theyre like, &lsquoOh, but my phone! Adds makeup artist Kirin Bhatty (who works with Jessica Pare, Kiernan Shipka and Jenny Slate), It varies from girl to girl, but I usually give them a small jar with their lip color inside, a few disposable brushes or a one retractable one, a small powder puff with just a hint of pressed powder in their shade or a few oil blotter sheets. When shes able, Stiles gives her ladies individually-wrapped cotton swabs to use in case of tears or an eye makeup disaster. Additionally, I give them a lip brush with a cap, a swipe of their lipstick in a small container, blotting papers and sometimes a little tissue full of loose powder and a little powder puff. Stiles says a couple extra bobby pins usually go in the clutch for an updo, and if theres a possible nip slip situation, extra double-stick tape. Really, what makes it in the bag depends on the person. Some peoples makeup never changes, but for some 10 minutes after they leave theyre greasy or they eat their lipstick. If one thing goes in, its lipstick, says Stiles. Bhatty seconds that: Having your lip on you, be it nude or high intensity, is important because its the easiest way to touch up and revitalize your whole look.
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34 percent of women are concerned about the effects of pollution on their skin, and cosmetic companies are taking notice. “There’s been an explosion of products that are either being developed or remarketed for the purpose of decreasing damage from air pollution,” said Dr. Amy Derick a board-certified dermatologist and American Academy of Dermatology member. Products are now being promoted to remove particulates from the skin, or neutralize free radicals, which are molecules experts say injure the skin’s cells and cause inflammation. “Pollution can accelerate normal aging by breaking down collagen and increasing free radicals in the skin, so I think that it can accelerate the aging process in certain people,” Derick said. Experts said exposure to pollution over time can lead to dullness, wrinkles and dark spots. Dr. Derick recommends using a cleansing brush to decrease the amount of pollution left on your skin overnight and also a topical antioxidant. Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi, a board-certified dermatologist and American Academy of Dermatology member, said researching products is essential.
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So what are the products keeping these beauties absolutely flawless? Considering their creamy complexions, a high SPF for one, according to Adrienne Vendetti Hodges and Stephanie Vendetti, beauty experts and co-founders of the website How to Be a Redhead. (They like Drunk Elephant Umbra Sheer Physical Defense SPF 30.) We preach to our followers to apply sunscreen every single day, rain or shine,says Vendetti. If you want to look red-carpet ready you need great skin, and sunscreen is the only way to get it. Kristopher Buckle makes sure hes armed with Anastasias auburn brow pencil and brown lashes when working on his client Jessica Chastain. The redhead sisters are also brow-obsessed, opting for Youngblood Brow Artiste in Auburn. Says Hodges, Theres nothing more beautiful than gorgeous brows; they define the face and complement red hair so well. Additionally, says Buckle, Natural redheads have pale complexions so I also have porcelain foundation and pale concealer with me, and a more peachy blush to neutralize the pink undertones in [Chastains] skin. (The How to be a Redhead girls love Aveda Petal Essence Face Accents in Peach Light.) He also deems a cantaloupe-colored eyeshadow, such as the Publicist shade in his Always Flawless palette, a must-have in every red-maned girls kit. To make Chastains gorgeous green eyes pop, Buckle uses earthy colors sometimes camels and pale rust colors to match her natural ginger hair color, which gives a beautiful monochromatic look. Hodges likes adding a dash of a deep vibrant color green, purple and bluealongside the strong earth tones, which Buckle says doesnt look clownyas long as theyre a bit muted. Another key, he adds: brown lashes and mascara (by YSL) to minimize the contrast with Chastains skin for a softer look. Says Hodges, most redheads have a strong love for mascara and eye makeup because their lashes are so light. Its great to apply brown mascara at the bottom and black at the top to add definition. When it comes to keeping that coppery hue intact, Marie Robinson salon colorist and redhead Nikki Ferrara recommends using Davines Alchemic Shampoo and Conditioner in red or copper once a week, alternating with John Frieda Radiant Red shampoo.
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Compared to other companies in the Personal Products industry and the overall market, AVON PRODUCTS’s return on equity significantly trails that of both the industry average and the S&P 500. AVP’s stock share price has done very poorly compared to where it was a year ago: Despite any rallies, the net result is that it is down by 45.48%, which is also worse that the performance of the S&P 500 Index. Investors have so far failed to pay much attention to the earnings improvements the company has managed to achieve over the last quarter. Turning toward the future, the fact that the stock has come down in price over the past year should not necessarily be interpreted as a negative; it could be one of the factors that may help make the stock attractive down the road. Right now, however, we believe that it is too soon to buy. AVP, with its decline in revenue, underperformed when compared the industry average of 5.7%. Since the same quarter one year prior, revenues slightly dropped by 8.0%. The declining revenue has not hurt the company’s bottom line, with increasing earnings per share. The gross profit margin for AVON PRODUCTS is rather high; currently it is at 64.23%. Regardless of AVP’s high profit margin, it has managed to decrease from the same period last year.
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Whenever I hear someone is still using a separate shave gel, its like hearing they still use dial-up Internet. The stars really gotten into lip products lately, too. To keep her pout chapped-free, she relies on lip creams. I have this one by Hourglass ; its an oil with this gold-tip applicator, and its schmancy-schmancy, she said. When you get to the point that your lips are cracking, the price is worth it. RELATED VIDEO: These are the best chubby lip pencils youll ever try! To get even-looking skin on and off the red carpet, Kendrick uses Bobbi Browns Long-Wear Even-Finish Foundation in two different shades. I actually blend the 0 and the 3.25 shades together because thats what my makeup artist did for Into the Woods, she explained. I would not have thought to blend two colors that arent side by side on the color spectrum, but it looks gorgeous. RELATED PHOTOS: The Celeb-Loved Lip Shades You Need Now Surprisingly, when shes not filming or working on upcoming projects, Kendrick doesnt spend her free time relaxing in the salon. In fact, the experience is less than serene for the star. I find getting my nails done the most tedious thing, she said, adding, Im such a fidgety person; its like torture. But what about massages? Everybody loves massages; I dont know what my problem is.
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